Sunday morning got a rocky start. I had stayed up late on Saturday night, then the dog and the storms woke me up early Sunday morning. I admit, I was a bit grumpy and testy but also ready to get stuff done around the house. I washed all the windows outside before the weather got really hot. I did a bunch of knitting. I soaked and wrung out this spinning:


This is 400 yards of 2 ply yarn, spun on my support spindles. I didn’t worry too much on this skein about the thickness of the singles, and I plied it quite lightly. So it’s nice and rustic looking. The colors are really gentle. It’s got that particular fuzzy look that woolen spun yarn gets. It’s a lovely second finish of the weekend and I am happy to have it in my collection.

Miss Butterfly and I also decided to do some major decluttering. My craft room is quite a mess, and truthfully, I am also not doing nearly as much crafting as I had, and when I decided I enjoyed makeup, I put all my makeup stuff in there. So, when you add another hobby to an already cluttered and disorganized room, things sort of feel out of hand. I hadn’t really gone through much in the 3 years we’ve been in the house, so it was time. We moved some things to the basement, identified others that could go in the basement once we found an appropriate box for them, took everything out of the closet and reorganized in there, it was great! We even took every handbag I stored in that closet and pulled every last bit and bob out of them, putting them in a box for sorting. Miss Butterfly was a HUGE help in all this, and really also enjoyed herself.

Then we went after my drawers in there which are a combination of important papers, jewelry, and sewing type supplies. We did a bunch of decluttering there too, and organized everything in a manner which means I have a lot more room in each drawer and can actually access everything.

Not willing to stop there, we tackled the hallway linen closet. We were able to convince Mr. Ink that he really didn’t need the suntan lotion in there that he made us keep 3 years ago as no one uses suntan lotion anymore, and he hasn’t used it in the 3 years we’ve been here. We also convinced him that tums that expired in 2003 is an inappropriate item to keep. He acted amazed that these could have expired that long ago, but I had mentioned it 3 years ago! Then we went for the bathroom cupboard, but unfortunately I decluttered that about a year ago and have kept up on it, so there wasn’t much to do in there. One more section got worked on yesterday, a drawer in my bedroom where I also keep important papers, stuffing them in there when they arrive and not looking at them again. As well as that drawer being a bit of a catch all area for other stuff I don’t have a clear idea what to do with. It was great to get that area completed too, and I was able to identify another section of the house that hasn’t been worked on in awhile, so we’ll try to hit that one up this evening. We LOVE decluttering! Oh, we also decluttered Miss Butterfly’s collection of nail polishes, though we only tossed 3. And then painted our nails.

So anyhow, all in all it was a pretty good day, especially after I’d had a nap. Hah. We’ve got some plans together this evening as well, strawberry shortcake making being one of them. We are also looking forward to a little time off at home next week, Mr. Ink and I decided we needed to have some stay at home/hang with Miss Butterfly time before the rest of her summer commences. So we’ve planned accordingly next week.

OH-and after that, Miss Butterfly has challenged me to a week of no knitting and spinning. She has two goals here. She wants to know if I can do it. And also, she thinks that perhaps if I can’t knit or spin, I’ll complete the embroidered pillowcase that’s been in my craft room stash since before she was born. 🙂 More on that to come….