What’s Not Working


Just a quick check in. What started all my decluttering on Sunday was this. I grabbed these three items to get a photograph because they aren’t working for me. When that photograph was taken, I trashed them and began to declutter more hardcore.

For me, part of project pan is to use items regularly to get a good idea as to if that item works or doesn’t work for my routine. Only two of these items are in my summer project pan, the other can’t even make it into a pan.

On the left, my 11 year old Miss Dior perfume has got to go. It is so old it’s discolored, and it doesn’t smell like it used to. To be perfectly honest, the reason it lasted this long was that it wasn’t my favorite fragrance in the first place! And furthermore, it kind of brings back memories that aren’t the most pleasant, from way back when I received it. So it’s not working for me, I gave it over a month of every day use and now it has to go. I tossed it.

In the middle is It Cosmetics bye bye under eye concealer. I tried using this for a bit, figuring I’d use it up. It’s a sample size after all, and there was a lot of air in the container so I knew it wouldn’t take long to use despite the fact a little goes a long way. Then every day during work I’d get annoyed because I’d have severe mascara transfer to the under eye area. I switched mascaras, I even almost threw out bad gal bang, my most favorite lower lash mascara! Until I realized that it didn’t matter which mascara I wore out of the three I was switching, I got transfer with all of them despite the fact that I set the concealer with powder. The culprit HAD to be the concealer. So that’s it, a concealer that does this to me isn’t even worthy of a project pan appearance. I tossed it.

Then there’s the Elbow Grease from Lush. I decided I was going to work on using this, despite the fact I do not like the strong fragrance. Lush advertises that in addition to using it on super dry elbows and feet during the winter, one can use it on tattoos to make them look particularly nice. So, since it’s summer and I am not having a particular problem with dry elbows and feet, I decided to use it on my tattoo. And that’s when the problems started. If I used this in the morning, by the afternoon I’d have HUGE whitehead zits all over my tattoo. It was so weird! And…ugly. And not particularly comfortable. I let everything straighten out, tried again, and the same thing happened. So I can honestly say this is a product that my skin hates, and as such, it doesn’t belong in a project pan, it belongs in the trash.

When panning, if the decision is to completely let go of the item, that still counts as a success, in my opinion. So, current pan count for summer is up by 2 items, and one item decluttered from my collection.

I’ll probably post a summer project pan update next week sometime, despite the fact it’ll be a little bit on the early side. I will be on vacation, and as such, it’ll be a good time to pull everything together, get things weighed, and get photographs if necessary.

Just a couple more photos for you. Miss Butterfly spent Sunday morning practicing makeup. She’s now mastered a winged eyeliner. For her next trick, she’ll have to try making them match.

I’ll have to remind her at some point that winged liner on hooded eyes means no eyeshadow can be seen. But she’s just having fun practicing, so I am not going to put too fine a point on it.

That’s it for today! Happy Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “What’s Not Working

  1. Lol this post reminded me of a time when I was Miss Butterfly ‘s age. I asked my mom if I could wear her eye shadow (matte pale blue, this was the early 70’s, and it was likely quite old!)

    She said no. I pouted and moved on. That night at dinner, I get “I told you no eye shadow!” Which surprised me as I had listened for once. She didn’t believe me. Apparently I was tired and had bluish shadows on my eyes!

    We laugh about that now but it was frustrating to get in trouble for doing as I was told!

  2. Oh the lush reaction sound awful. For the prices they charge I’d return it and get something else. That’s an awful reaction. ugh. Miss BUtterfly looks amazing! that takes a steady hand!

    • The thing is, the Lush product is close to a year old, so I don’t think it’s fair to return it. I was using it on hands and dry areas before and it didn’t cause that problem. I am all for returning things, but I am not sure it’s fair to return something a year old and half gone! I don’t want to take advantage of those policies.

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