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Well, I’ve been hard at work on the decluttering of the wool in the craft room.


Like I thought, this potentially beautiful fleece was full of scurf. I took a lock outside and flick carded it, ending up with a pretty lock full of scurf, as well as scurf flying around and right up my nose. I may be ok with many things, but sheep dandruff up my nose is not one of them. I trashed this.


Do you see all the burlap bags to the right? I kept just under 4 ounces of gotland fleece, already washed, and began spinning it. I decided I didn’t want to spin it at all, so I set it aside to see if I can destash it in some way. The other burlap sacks contained a partially separated icelandic fleece sample, and I decided I didn’t want that, so they got trashed.

In the round washbasket there’s brown merino fleece already carded into batts. There’s a total of 8 ounces. I began spinning that on the prelude last evening, but didn’t get a photo.

In the rectangle basket at the top you’ll see grey fleece. This was one of my best fleeces, and it went really far. I thought about it for a bit, and decided my absolute favorite way of spinning this has been flick carding and then spinning on a support spindle from the flick carded lock. Since all the other yarns I’ve created from this fleece have been a gorgeous bouncy 3 ply, I have decided to ply this into a 2 ply yarn. I got a good start:


I’ll keep after this one regularly.

On the rose, I began spinning samples:


The top is navajo churro, the white below is racka, and the two at the bottom are jacob fleece. I need to get these plied. I am plying the navajo churro and the racka together since they’ll never be anything other than a coaster or something anyhow. The jacob fleece will just be a small sample yarn.


In this photo on the right is a bunch of angora fiber. I took that to Miss Marja and left it in her doorway yesterday because she’ll use it and I need it out of the house.

This weekend my dyes and crockpot will come out and I’ll get some of the undyed fiber dyed into something I can use in batts and rolags, furthering my declutter goals. This seems less nighmareish than I originally thought. And, when I can actually ENJOY some of the decluttering, by spinning wool I actually LOVE, it takes the edge off.

Mr. Ink said last evening “It’s getting harder and harder to get near you!” As I was spinning away, surrounded by boxes and bags of wool. I said “Well, I am decluttering!” He said “Spinning seems like an awfully slow way to declutter…..”

He’s right of course. But he hadn’t seen how I filled up the trash yet.

In other news, here’s a quick garden photo.


Last year I planted cannas that barely bloomed, they struggled along all year. I wasn’t sure I was even going to bother this year. But, I bothered. I have the ol’ regular tall red ones at the back, they are starting to grow. But, this time I added two different colors to my garden, and one of them is already blooming! I also have some tropical milkweed in there. Something for the hummingbirds and something for the butterflies.

That’s it for today, more to come tomorrow as I continue on my declutter journey.

4 thoughts on “Declutter News

  1. Laughing at you decluttering by spinning. It is slow, but if you keep at it, it works. As for the rest – tossing what is no good is sometimes hard, but always necessary. And how fortunate for Miss Marja that you can’t be near angora! I feel sure she will spin something wonderful with that.

    I think you are making great progress on the fiber decluttering. 🙂

    And the flowers are lovely!

  2. Oh, how fleeces accumulate when people find out you’re a spinner. This season, only two bags have appeared on my doorstep without warning full of fleece.
    I look forward to seeing what progress you make.

  3. Ok, I’m buying more yarn. I ve decided raising angora bunnies is too icky because someone mentioned how prone to parasites they are. Ugh I hate parasites. I don’t think IM up for spinning yet in my life…… I think I’ll just buy more beautiful yarn. my stash is low , seriously!!

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