Declutter Update #2

We are under a heat advisory here, and I couldn’t sleep because I was too excited to get to doing all the things I have planned for today. Mr. Ink, despite being on vacation, has to work today. This is what always happens when we plan a vacation. I started the morning with a dog walk, because there’s no way I am walking her any later.

This morning is for pulling out dyes and getting fiber dyed, the next step in decluttering the craft room and making some of my wool into something that can go in the fiber cabinet.

But, while I wait for coffee to brew, I figured I’d show you where I am now. First up, here is the dark merino that I didn’t grab a photo of yesterday:


The batt has a ton of vegetable matter in it, and I am kind of ignoring it. Whatever falls out while I am spinning falls out. More will fall out when plying, and whatever is left I can deal with while knitting. Trying to pick out each individual piece now just slows me down way too much. I worked on this for awhile last evening while Mr. Ink and I watched the new Murder on the Orient Express. Well, he kind of slept through most of it, but I enjoyed it!

I now have 4 spindles of CVM Romeldale now.


This is quite an accomplishment really since I am spinning the singles pretty thin, and, you have to remember that every bit of fiber I have spun also had to be flick carded first. That being said, this is the project I am enjoying immensely. I really don’t want to work on anything else right now. So, this particular fleece absolutely held it’s charm over a number of years.

Tomorrow….fiber! Dyed fiber. I feel certain I’ll have some to show off. And while that fiber won’t be ready to spin any time soon, it’ll be one step closer to where it needs to be.