Declutter Update 3

Yesterday was dye day. I admit, while I did get some things done, I should have worked at it a little harder. But, I’ve got the dye pot running again this morning.

The first thing I dyed was some merino locks. They weren’t yet flick carded, and I decided to try a technique I’d tried twice a long time ago which created some of my favorite dyed locks. The technique was called cram pot dyeing. The idea is to layer in the locks, and dye them various colors all in the same pot. So here’s what I came up with:


Ok, clearly my phone didn’t love the bright colors. But, as you can see each individual lock even has different colors in it. I am not sure if I’ll flick card and spin these, or make rolags and spin them. But either way, the wool is super soft and will absolutely make a lovely finished yarn.

I then quickly dyed up some corriedale locks that were already flick carded, these just go in my bin of colors for drum carding.


Then I divided up 8 ounces of undyed corriedale wool top into 2 ounce sections and got 3 of them dyed.


The yellow will head right into the bin of dyed wool for batts and rolags. The blue and the blue/green were intended for the same, but now that I look at them more carefully, I’ve decided instead to dye up another blue/green section then combo spin those three sections together.

I had another early start this morning. As per usual, the moment you try something new that Lizzie likes, she’ll hold you to it. So she held me to the 6 am walk. To be fair, I wanted that motivation as well, I just had a little harder time getting out of bed this morning.

That being said, I did get so much of what I had hoped done yesterday. Did you know that ALL the grey CVM/Romeldale locks are carded now? Which means now I just have to spin spin spin. And keep dyeing.

One thought on “Declutter Update 3

  1. What fun! It seems you did a lot as I feel sure other things were going on! And you finished flick carding all that lovely wool! Huge accomplishment.

    Tell me about cram dyeing. Is it what it sounds like? Cram the pot full of fiber and pour on different colors, then heat it? Do you do that in your crock pot?

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