Declutter Day 4

Another full day of dyeing and spinning, with major progress made. At this time I am done dyeing and the dye materials are packed up and back in the basement. Here’s what I worked on yesterday, a number of different locks:

Bright stuff! It’s not quite dry yet.

And I spun. And spun and spun and spun, finishing all the singles for my CVM/Romeldale fleece:


That was a major accomplishment!

Miss Butterfly returned after a weekend with her dad last evening. Our neighbor had contacted me asking if Miss Butterfly would be willing to dog sit for her if she went out of town. So, we headed over there to get the details of that. Our home is situated as such that while she’s our neighbor, our access is completely cut off from her, and we have to walk quite a ways to get to her home. So we’d never officially met her dog, though Lizzie tends to grumble at the dog. Turns out Jasper is a fantastic 13-year-old English foxhound with a smiley expression and sweet disposition. So now we are just waiting to hear final plans for dog sitting, but are quite eager to do it. I think we can get Lizzie on board too, with an introduction in a neutral place. Our neighbor is disabled, and cannot walk the dog so he plays a lot in the fenced in backyard. I think we’ll see if we can make a point to walk Jasper from time to time as well once we get to know him a little better.

Today for decluttering I am not entirely positive what is up next. I think maybe some batts. If I can get some of those made, it’ll go pretty far toward feeling like I’ve worked through some of my stash. I am avoiding the dark merino because it makes such an absolute mess. But perhaps I should decide that working on that daily even if it’s not much at a time would be wise. If only it were pleasant outdoors and I could spin on the patio, it’s perfect patio spinning where the vegetable matter would just drop to the ground outdoors requiring no additional clean up on my part.

That’s all to report from here, I’ll have another update tomorrow I hope. We are supposed to see a break in the heat tomorrow, but then a lot of rain. Which at this point would be perfectly welcome.