Declutter Update 6

Guys, this one isn’t going to be too exciting. Yesterday began early. We’d had an inch and a half of rain in a storm overnight, so once I was out of bed, assessing the damage, coffee in hand, was my priority. For us, it mostly meant that all the mulch in every bed that isn’t actively raised or mounded flowed off the beds and into the yard. And sometimes right out into the street.

While Mr. Ink was cooking breakfast, the plumber stopped by. Turns out, old blue, our lovely blue toilet that matches the rest of the blue bathroom, born in 1959 and added to the home when it was built in 1962, gave up the ghost. The porcelain is now compromised and it cannot be fixed. I would have been happy to allow the plumber to go get us a new toilet and install it, but Mr. Ink wanted to purchase his own. So, we carefully took down the plumber’s advice, then went to the zoo as we’d originally planned.

We spent a very long, hot, extremely humid day at the zoo. When you find going into the jungle building to be a great relief from the outdoors, it’s probably too hot to be at the zoo. But, it’s also so expensive at this point that we really felt we’d better make the most of it. So, we ended up leaving for lunch then going back for more exhibits. In the end, a good day was had by all, but I was greatly relieved to get home when we did.

Once home, and after a change of clothing to dry off, I began some decluttering. Nothing big, as I didn’t have much time. But, I decided if I was adding to my yarn stash, I’d better also reorganize it as it was getting really out of hand.


Here’s the before photo. I used to have everything properly put in bins, but somewhere along the line, I lost my way. Balled yarns weren’t staying in the cubes anymore, and so I just started throwing everything on the very top of the cabinet.

So, I pulled everything out and rearranged. I ended up with this:


It really is much improved! In the basket, which I managed to gain the use of once I spun and dyed the wool that had been sitting in it, I put all the balled up yarn that was making stash take a tumble. Now, there’s still a lot of yarn, and it’s really packed tight in there, but everything is separated out again. One of the things I notice about my stash now is how it used to contain all commercial yarn and I kept handspun elsewhere. Then I began to knit the commercial yarn out of stash and moved all my handspun into two empty cubes. Now my handspun takes up 4 cubes, and Miss Marja’s handspun takes up one cube, and that only leaves 4 cubes for everything else. And those 4 cubes aren’t as full as the handspun ones.

This is all the decluttering that could be done yesterday. It was a day for family activities instead. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some rolags created today. I just have one more declutter photo to show off, and it’s my 900 yards of 2 ply CVM/Romeldale yarn.


I am so proud of this! I can’t believe I got through all this in such a short time. Also, it’s beautiful. And it was ENTIRELY worth working through. I am so glad I decluttered, came across the remainder of this fleece, and created something with it. I think some sort of proper traditional shetland style shawl might be exactly the thing for this yarn, but for now it’s in the stash to be saved for another time.

I do hope I can find an equal amount of joy in some of the other fleece left to process. We shall see!

Have a great day everyone!

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