Declutter Update 7

The final update for a bit, I do believe.

After another night of heavy rains, another 2 inches, and a day full of unrelenting rain until the afternoon, it finally cleared up yesterday. Miss Butterfly and I were out in the rainy part doing a bit of shopping. The plumber arrived early and replaced our toilet, so we were able to get out and about fairly quickly.

Then I had time for rolag creating, which was yesterday’s true goal. I managed to get through more than a pound of wool in my creations. I created two sets, the first being a green set that has 7 ounces, and then a blue/grey set that has over 6 ounces.

I know it sounds odd, but I am actually running rather thin on wool for rolags now. I’ve got enough for one more set without going to great lengths to flick card and dye the fleeces I have in stash. And that’ll be a lighter set at that.

The biggest challenge I have right now is simply not starting spinning the stuff I’ve just created! The whole point was to get it to a point where I can spin, not necessarily to start spinning immediately.

That being said, I have put things away for now. I head back to work today, and because of that, I wanted to see where I was with all this. I wanted to be done enough to see if I really did reduce the stash in the craft room. And I did! Instead of two cabinets full of wool, I now can fit everything in one cabinet. And it’s the smaller of the two cabinets. So I was able to put away some other items, not wool related, in the larger cabinet. Rather than a laundry bin full of wool plus a plastic bin, I got my dyed stash and add-ins down to just the laundry bin, INCLUDING the very large amounts of red mohair I own. I repurposed the plastic bin for one of the fleeces needing to be flick carded, reclaiming a proper bag for my own use again. I still have the brown merino on the prelude, but I have to admit I am not overly eager to spin it right now, after marathoning the grey CVM/Romeldale. I prefer to do a bit of knitting instead.

In any case, as of right now, I have pretty much cut my “hidden” stash right in half. And my to spin fiber cabinet is full to the point of bursting, both with fiber AND potential. It’s very exciting! This weekend may bring us back to a bit more dyeing, I’ve got another project in mind. But, I do believe my progress thus far is satisfactory, and I won’t keep posting declutter updates daily.

It has really only recently occurred to me that I just have two days of work and then I get another weekend! That’s nutty. And wonderful.

3 thoughts on “Declutter Update 7

  1. Wonderful progress! And I love a week that is as short as a weekend! I earned today off, but I will be working hard around the house. Not much time for playing with fiber.

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