Weekly Shop the Stash

I started makeup stash shopping posts and then quickly forgot about them when I had spinning or knitting posts that could take their place. There were two additional factors as well, first they seemed boring while I was trying to pan items, like I was just showing readers exactly what I intended to pan, just as I was doing with the project pan intro and updates. How many times do you want to see the same makeup anyhow?! And finally, I stopped being particularly organized about my makeup choices, kind of just grabbing things on a whim in the mornings.

Well, I’ve decided not to do that anymore. We’ve increased our eye shadow palettes, and I’ve decided I want to choose one per week to specifically work with. This is one per work week really, as weekends don’t necessarily count. So, last evening I decided to grab a shop my stash photo, pulling out that which I want to use this week.


We’ll start with the eye shadow palette since that’s the star of the show. This is Alamar cosmetics, a new palette from a new company. We just got this in our boxycharm, and it is STUNNING! There are four matte shades and four shimmer shades. The matte shades blend beautifully and I am surprised at how little kick up there is to them, for them to also be so pigmented. This palette is going to last forever. Until today, I had only created one look from this, basically using all the shadows on my eyes on a Saturday when I was just playing and not going anywhere. I am looking forward to playing with this palette this week. I think I can easily create fully matte eye looks with this. But, today I used the green shimmer on my lid. Now, those shimmers show up so pigmented and dark when swatching. But, I am at work today and while I can easily get away with whatever eye look I create, I do try to keep things to a reasonable roar with my makeup. I used the green shimmer with a dry brush, and it gave me a gentle wash of shimmer color. Paired with both the oranges and the brown, it was easily toned down. I love today’s look. And I can’t wait to play with more looks. And, I can tell you this, when she comes out with her next palette, I will be getting it. The quality on this one is so amazing. I can’t help but hope it happens to arrive in a boxy charm box, but even if it doesn’t, I’ll want it in my collection.

You’ll recognize quite a few of my project pan items if you have been following along. The urban decay all nighter foundation is featured here. I had a funny moment this weekend. Miss Butterfly had decided she was going to use it even though it didn’t match her skin tone in order to see if she could wear warmer colors and still look good. I had this moment of irritation with her for using it without asking. Then I realized that was super dumb, since I don’t even like the stuff, and her using it brought me one use closer to being done with the thing.

Actually, I struggle with this a lot. Despite the fact that I have made it clear that the makeup is ours collectively, and that she can use it, I find myself having to stamp down irritation when she does use it. I don’t think I make that visible to her. Upon further reflection, I think it’s because she isn’t actually allowed to wear it out of the house yet, so any time she uses it, it feels like a waste. But, I am trying to retrain myself, realizing that it’s practice, and practice is good. Plus, who really pans eye shadow anyhow? It’s not that easy to do in a proper palette. Anyhow-that’s a tangent.

The things which are not in my current project pan, you’ll see a new blush. Miss Butterfly and I picked that out together while I was on vacation last week. We are giving it a try. I have to really build it up on my skin, but it shows up well for her. I am working on using up my bare minerals concealer, it’s my current oldest concealer, and not my favorite. So, I figure it’s time to concentrate on using it up. In doing so, I seem to be finding ways to make it work better for me.

I also picked up a brow tint from ulta to try, prior to this I’ve only used pencils to fill in brows so I am going to see what this situation is like. But, I am still primarily trying to use up the elf pencil. And, while I’ve got the style sepia pencil that I am working on panning, the lovely teal color silkissime liner happens to match the eye shadow palette perfectly so I have put that in this week’s stash shop as well.

And that’s it! We’ll see how this week goes, and I’ve got an entire week to think about what palette I want to use next week.


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