Where I am in Knitting

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a knitting progress photo. Not surprising really, since I hit the whole declutter situation so very hard. But, I have been knitting from time to time. Since I cast off the body of the featherweight cardigan last evening, I quickly grabbed a photo before the next storm rolled through. (Another day, another inch and a half of rain, apparently.)


It’s very….handspun. Hah. I began the collar last evening during the storm because I wanted to get the collar done and then just use the leftover yarn for sleeves. However, it feels at the moment like I have an overabundance of yarn. The pattern is for a fairly cropped cardigan, even though that’s not truly my thing. But, due to yarn amounts, I figured I’d go for it anyhow and see if it could work. Now that I have what seems like an excess of yarn, instead I think I’ll knit the collar and block it, then make a decisicion. Yes, I realize that means I could be pulling out an entire collar and ribbing from the bottom of the sweater to lengthen, but better that then an abundance of leftover yarn and a sweater I won’t bother to wear. I don’t mind taking my time I suppose.

That’s all from here! I haven’t anything else of interest to report at this time. Work weeks make for poor blogging weeks. Have a great one!

3 thoughts on “Where I am in Knitting

  1. It looks great! Yes, if you need to pull it out, it is worth it. No point knitting a hand spun sweater you won’t wear! At least that os what I told myself when I ripped mine out completely having knit a few inches past the underarms, plus both sleeves. 😉. I want to wear it! And I bet you do, too. Still, I hope it works as is. You could make a matching one for Miss B if you have a lot of yarn left, lol!

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