A Thing for Green

All my green spindle singles are piling up. So much so that I ran out of spindles appropriate for the job. After trying to use two different spindles that didn’t work so well for it, I decided to give up and start plying. I figured if I got at least one spindle back, that would go a long way toward giving me the tools I need to finish the singles.


So, plying was done! And it’s stunning just as I imagined. Looking back at what I’ve been creating lately, looks like a ton of green is featured right now. I’ve got a thing for green, it’s probably another phase. (There was burgundy, and then turquoise, both of which took years to get over and my yarn stash still reflects these phases.)

Anyhow, that’s where I am in my crafting journey. I had completely forgotten about Tour de Fleece, until I saw a number of people referencing it on instagram. Oh yeah. That’s a July thing. So, I figure I’d better know what I plan to do that month. And I think my goal will simply be to stick to my declutter goals, meaning one declutter spin between the spins from my regular stash. And, the second goal will simply be to daily work on declutter spins even if it’s just for a brief time. I’ve got the dark brown merino to finish up, and I can also work on the red mohair that I want to get spun. And then there’s the remaining two fleeces hanging around. So, needless to say I could easily be well occupied the entirety of Tour de Fleece.

It’s Friday, and I am thrilled that the weekend is upon us. Mr. Ink has to work on Saturday, so I get a comfortable free morning with Lizzie Bean. On Sunday, grand plans for another gravel bike ride are under way. My friend decided he’d not mind another ride too much, even though he doesn’t like gravel. We have plans for a longer ride this time, starting in the morning. Mr. Ink hasn’t said he’ll join us, as 50 miles is not 15 miles of gravel. However, perhaps we can convince him to meet up with us for lunch at least. And then? I got both of them to agree to the nighttime ride the next weekend. Despite the fact they don’t love gravel. Awesome.

In makeup stuff, I’ll have a wrap up of my various looks (Without photos, maybe I should consider that for the future) of my week of Alamar palette looks up tomorrow. I need to get a June empties post up, but I keep avoiding it in hopes to finish up just one more product! Which I did this morning actually. Mission accomplished. And then I’ll shop my stash for the upcoming week as well. It’s a holiday week here, we’ve one extra day off and tons of various plans, so I am not sure what I’ll end up choosing yet. Plus, Miss Butterfly will be home from camp and prepping for her trip to visit my parents, so much makeup will be discussed I suspect.

That’s all the news from here! Hope everyone is poised for a fantastic weekend.

3 thoughts on “A Thing for Green

  1. I noticed lots of green in the spinning and knitting. It looks so nice and fresh!

    Yes, tdf is coming fast! My plan is to just keep rolling ahead with my current spin. Which I have been ignoring to finish the sweater, made with yarn I started last year for tdf. A sweater should not take a year to make!

    I think you keeping on decluttering as a good idea! Clear those spindles!

    • I go through color phases too! Your gravel ride sounds nice to me. We have a rails to trails straight bike gravel path available to us. Not far. Once the heat warnings end, We may get cycling!

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