A Week With One Palette

The palette I chose for my work week was my Alamar Cosmetics palette. It’s quite new to my collection, and I wanted to spend a little time with it this week. I am so glad I did, it has completely held up to my excitement, providing extremely rich colors with very little fall out, and not much kick up either. If she keeps this up with her palettes, she’s got a fan for life in me.


I focused in on the palette, cropping out the rest of the stash shop items in order to do this post. This way both you and I can see the color names. I am just going to review what I created with this palette each day. I am sorry I didn’t think to take pictures, plus to be honest taking photos of hooded eyes is difficult at best, especially if I am trying for a selfie. But maybe I’ll try in the future.

Monday-I hadn’t yet tried the El Malecon color and I wanted to give it a try. Now, this first part will be repeated regularly. I took Coco-Taxi as a transition shade, Tropico in the crease. Then I put Cafecito on the outer corners, blending up into the crease. I took El Malecon and popped it onto the lid starting at the inner corner and going about halfway across the eye. Then I blended El Malecon and Cafecito together nicely. Tropico and Cafecito on the bottom rim of the eye to draw everything together, then La Costa on the inner corner and browbone as a highlight. It was a nice look, and everything blended well. It wasn’t my favorite look, but this was no fault of the palette itself. And it held up beautifully throughout the day.

Tuesday-I decided that Tuesday would be my all matte day. Since we were given 4 lovely matte shades to play with, that wasn’t difficult in the least.  I took Coco-Taxi as a transition shade, Tropico in the crease. I then added Guantanamera to the lid itself, then Cafecito on the outer V to add a little depth. Tropico and Guantanamera went on the undereye to draw it all together, and then since I was going all matte I grabbed a light matte color from another palette as the browbone and inner corner highlight. This was a look I could wear very regularly. It performed beautifully throughout the day, looking nicely blended but never muddy. I was extremely happy with my Tuesday look.

Wednesday-It was time to use Celia but it was also midweek and I didn’t want anything too over the top. So, I did a repeat of Tuesday’s look, but lined the eyes with Celia as a liner. That worked out well, adding a new element to the look. Oh-and I used La Costa as an inner corner and browbone highlight, since I’d already moved away from the matte look with Celia as a liner.

Thursday-I wanted to go for a MUCH lighter look, and I wanted to use La Costa on the eyelid. Now, Coco-Taxi comes across as a yellow that leans toward orange on my skin. So I decided to play that up and take a lighter yellow from another palette as my transition color. So, a lighter yellow as transition, Coco-Taxi as the crease color, and then La Costa all over the lid. I then used an even lighter but less sparkly color from another palette as an inner corner and brow highlight. I used a brown eyeliner to help deepen things up just a bit, after putting Coco-Taxi as an undereye shadow. This turned out to be one of my favorite looks of the week and that was SUCH a surprise to me. I love eyeshadows, I love deep looks, and I love eyeshadow that really shows. This look really shows, even though it’s not deep in any way. It’s light and bright and really complimented me, I think. A definite keeper.

Friday-Casual Friday, it was absolutely time to break into Varadero. A bold look for work, but to be honest, much is allowed for me at work. No one would blink an eye if I wore Varadero for the rest of my work life. Anyhow, I took Coco-Taxi as a transition shade, Tropico in the crease, as per usual. I then popped Varadero all over the lid. I used a Morphe M213 brush to apply this color, and I applied it dry just packing it on the lid. You know what? I didn’t have to wet the brush to get the amazing color payoff, it worked beautifully even dry. I decided I wanted a little more depth of color, so I used my finger to pop Celia on the middle of my eyelid over top of Varadero. Oh my gosh, that was an amazing idea, doing so added the perfect amount of difference to make the lid look less flat. It was GORGEOUS! Under the eye I used Tropico and then Varadero as an eyeliner, and then to REALLY go nuts because that’s what I was up to, I also used my teal silkissime liner (pictured in the photo above off to the left). I did have to blend at the crease quite a bit to make everything look like it joined nicely to the matte crease shade, but once that was done it looked sort of like I had a matte teal under the orange. So it was a success. And, what was so fun about this look was that Mr. Ink was like “I LOVE your eye look today!” For the record, he doesn’t even like makeup. So for him to actually like and comment on the eye look, it must have been pretty good. It’s another keeper, but maybe it’s for Fridays and weekends. Hah!

I am going to try to stick to project pan eyeshadows today, but I don’t even remotely think I got to use this palette as much as I WANT to use this palette. It is tempting to keep it in rotation for another week. However, I also really want to use my other shadows too. So, I’ll have to pick something else for next week. I’ll think on it.

5 thoughts on “A Week With One Palette

  1. I’ve been seeing this palette everywhere, Its so pretty. 😍 I try and wear new palettes a full week as well, that way I can create a number of looks with it and really get a feel for how it works. Lovely post!

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