Shopping the Stash for the Week

One day late, I know. But, I wanted to get my nasty bike ride blog post up right away.

Here’s what I pulled:


Lush’s hair custard-this is in my project pan, and it’s working very nicely in my hair at the moment, giving it enough lift and stick to do a french braid, which is how I am mostly wearing my hair at the moment. It’s hot out, and that braid is a wonderful thing.

Becca’s backlight priming filter-I’ve got numerous outdoorsy events this week, and I find when that’s the case, mineral powder foundation works best for me. So, just for curiosity’s sake, I am going to try this primer on parts of my face to see what happens.

L’oreal infallible setting spray-I am really enjoying this setting spray, I like how it works. I am not trying to pan it or anything, I am just testing it out and seeing how I feel about it, but my thoughts are positive at the moment.

The tiny perfume sample is YSL Mon Paris. This is a perfume that I always try on in the stores, as I think I LOVE it. So, I want to use this regularly to find out if I keep loving it, or if it heads toward boring for me.

The revolution blush is part of my project pan, as is the benefit dandelion highlighter, so I am just going to keep working with them this week.

In the middle of those two, there’s the Tarte Tarteist Pro to go palette. I’ve been eyeing the Tarteist pro palette for awhile now, and figured if it performed like my be a mermaid and make waves palette, it would be a nice addition to our collection. So, imagine my surprise when I got it in Fab Fit Fun? I am finding that I get a fair amount of fall out with the mattes in this little palette, though it does perform well. I am not going to do a wrap up post with this one, because there aren’t too many options for looks with this palette. It’s great for ease of use, I don’t really have to think too hard about what I am going to do. It looks great on, it stays in place nicely, and it’s going to work perfectly for my outdoorsy week. Plus, it’s a 4 day work week so a smaller palette is perfect to explore this week.

You’ll also see my tarte timeless smoothing primer which is going to be used now that the Porefessional in my project pan is gone. I do like this one better, so it’ll be nice to get some use out of it again.

Then there’s the Urban Decay all nighter foundation I am trying to pan. Sadly, I’ve probably only got one day of use out of it this week. Thursday’s the day. All other days are going to get the bare minerals matte powder foundation. I need something that holds up better. All nighter is a misnomer on my skin.

I pulled two concealers this week. Bare Minerals bareskin concealer and tarte shapetape. Both of these concealers I am not thrilled to pieces with, though my ability to work with them is getting better. More skilled. However, I am using them as eyeshadow primers as well, since I am out of the urban decay primer potion. I feel like these two are up to the task, and I am thinking maybe eyeshadow primers aren’t a thing that I, personally, need in my makeup arsenal. Despite my hooded eyes, I am not struggling with creasing while using concealer as a base.

I pulled four lipsticks because I have only four work days, and the eyeshadow palette is so muted. I figured I’d give each of these a try. I’ve got the Kat von D liquid lip which is SUPER bright, but I wore it on Saturday to remind myself how much I loved it. I’ve got too faced melted matte which I wore on Monday. Then, I’ve got a loud berry color that is from a boxy charm, it’s a color I am still trying to figure out if I like enough to keep, or if I am going to hand it over to Miss Butterfly. Then, I’ve got my L’Oreal infallible lip paints, the fuchsia color that I wore to the Alabama wedding. Might as well get some more use out of that as well. I didn’t pull lip products last week as I mostly just keep them at work. But, this week I decided to bring them home over the weekend.

That’s it for this week. Again, I look forward to getting to know a newer palette better. Miss Butterfly wants to begin picking these palettes for me in the future. That might be fun, I think we’ll start that in August.


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