Spinning This Week

Or rather, this weekend. I finished a skein on Saturday, washed it on Sunday after the ride, and am only now getting an opportunity to photograph it. This is the 2 ply yarn I created out of the rolags I made during my large craft room declutter. I spun them on spindles, and plied them on my wheel.


And now I have 1200 yards of gorgeous 2 ply laceweight yarn. It’s quite soft, and I adore the shades of green. There’s a lot of silk in there, and some camel as well, along with the merino wool. This one should be a ton of fun to play with.

In my knitting to spinning ratio goals for this year, my total spun is getting awfully close to my total knit. As you may remember, my goal is to keep the total knit double what is spun. I am sure this has something to do with all the laceweight spinning I am doing. My stash shows this too, I sat down to look at it the other day and realized it’s bursting at the seams again.

But, with Tour de Fleece coming up, that’s not likely to change much in the near future. I think that I’ll just move forward with Tour de Fleece working on declutter projects as promised, and then assess where I’ve landed after the fact. That being said, I am going to concentrate on thicker yarns during TdF. I am even interested in making a 4 ply out of the dark brown merino. It’s such a rarity to do so, and that wool would be perfect for a 4 ply.

That’s it from here in crafting news, hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

4 thoughts on “Spinning This Week

  1. Another pretty green skein! What a lot of yardage you got!! I think that when the weather breaks and TDF is over, you will have a knitting jag again and get your balance back. The spinning to declutter threw you off. As long as you keep even, you aren’t falling behind, right? Then a couple of sweaters and bam, you are at goal!

    4 ply on the brown sounds nice. Will that be a traditional 4 ply, or will you do something fancier like a cable?

    • I hadn’t thought about doing a fancy 4 ply! But I do think I’ll stick to traditional this time. It’s really very rustic wool, and I doubt that the hard work that goes into a fancy 4 ply would actually show up in the finished yarn.

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