Gravel, Dirt, Mud, Sunshine

It was a very fantastic mid-week holiday for me. Maybe not so much for Mr. Ink.

On Tuesday evening we had an annual party to go to, put on by friends of ours. This was the first time that Miss Butterfly could attend, so we were really looking forward to it. We prepared after I got home from work. Then Mr. Ink came home. He’d gone in for some dental work and had a tooth unexpectedly extracted. He looked ABSOLUTELY miserable. So, we left him on the couch and just Miss Butterfly and I attended. After a lovely evening, we returned home and it didn’t look like he’d even moved from the spot we left him in. Poor guy.

During the party Tuesday evening, a plan was hatched for a gravel ride the next day. We drove out to a friend’s cabin, planning on just 16 miles of fairly flat gravel. I decided to take my fat bike instead of my gravel bike. I wanted to test that out, and I knew that the ride we were going on was going to be casual. No crazy pace, no worries about keeping up, just a gravel ride among friends.


Just four of us rode, two with fat bikes and the other two with regular gravel bikes.


It was HOT! The feels like temp was 107. It was very sunny as well so it was hard to catch a break. At the halfway mark, we decided to stop and sit a spell by the river. In fact, we were hoping to put our feet in. However, my dear friend shed her shoes to hop in, and upon her VERY first step was up to her knees in mud. Here’s a photo of her trying to get out of that unexpected predicament.


Thankfully we were able to find a boat dock area where we could get her cleaned up somewhat. We also headed through a park, where I snapped a photo of this gorgeous catalpa tree, one of my favorites!

Another river photo-the river is very high since we keep getting large storms this year.


This is looking south toward the bridge I took the photo from Monday’s post from. I could just see that bridge in the distance, but it isn’t visible in the photo I don’t think.

It was such a hot day that 16 miles really was the limit. In the last few miles we were all feeling extremely spent, and definitely worried about overheating. Once back at the cabin we were able to get cooled down, hydrated, and fed enough to start feeling human. Then we went and jumped in the lake to really cool off. I didn’t even bother to bring my suit, I figure bike clothes are close enough. I kept saying that I should go back home to Mr. Ink, but I kept not going. It was just SUCH a pleasant day. I left the house at 11:30 and didn’t get home until 8:30 so I really did make a full day of it.

In Lizzie news, yesterday morning she needed a paw pad fur trim, and Miss Butterfly decided she wanted to do it herself. I also trimmed her nails a bit, I’ve always been scared to do this but one was getting very long, I don’t think it got trimmed properly in her last professional nail trim. Miss Butterfly decided she was going to take over the paw pad trim, I think she has the technique down perfectly. Lizzie also got a nice bath yesterday morning, which means she’s much more pleasant to be around.


While I was away on my bike ride, Mr. Ink decided to take Lizzie and walk in the local parade. He snapped this photo because every time they got stopped, Lizzie would go find a random child to snuggle.


She just loves children so much, and is so sweet to them even if they are awkward with her.

Miss Butterfly’s best friend got home from her month long summer trip yesterday, and Since Miss Butterfly heads out on her long summer trip tomorrow, they wanted to spend some time together. A sleepover was suggested, so on top of our already busy day we had two excited teens in the house. That being said, I love Miss Butterfly’s best friend and was so excited to see her as well.

So, anyhow, all that made for an absolutely lovely midweek holiday, and despite being tired (and sunburned) I am so glad it was as packed full as it was.

4 thoughts on “Gravel, Dirt, Mud, Sunshine

  1. OMG, you are crazy to bike in this weather! But I am glad there was no mud this time. How did the fat bike do?

    I would have been in that mud with your friend, determined to get to the river. and I would also have had a swim in my clothes in the lake. I bet it felt good!

    HOW IS MR. INK??? is he feeling better?

    • The fat bike did ok, BUT, any incline or headwind slows me down severely. So, it’s just not the bike I’ll be taking on gravel often. For this particular ride, it was perfect.

      I actually got COLD in the lake! That was a surprise. But, I think when you reduce your core temps so quickly it tends to feel oddly cold. It was refreshing and the perfect thing to keep me cool for the rest of the evening.

      Mr. Ink is feeling better at the moment. Sore, but healing ok. He mowed, so he can’t be feeling too bad!

      • Well, glad it was a good test for the fat bike and not too awful!

        Yes, cooling your body temp keeps you cool for hours! It’s why I love swimming. 😉

        Glad Mr. Ink is recovering well. Mowing is a good sign!

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