Makeup Traveling Without Me

Miss Butterfly is off to visit her Nana for a bit, as of this morning. Now, my mom, like me up until recently, isn’t much of a makeup wearer. But, with Miss Butterfly getting into it, and me getting into it, she figured she might have to get on board so that she has something to share with Miss Butterfly as well. She wrote asking for some suggestions yesterday, and an idea was born.

When I went home and told Miss Butterfly about it, she got so excited too. We figured we’d share our love of makeup by sending some things with Miss Butterfly to my mom. She can give those things a try, and if she likes them, she can just keep them. As soon as I told Miss Butterfly about it she couldn’t stop talking, so while she was at it, we went through everything and chose some stuff.

Here’s what we chose:


First of all, you’ll notice that there’s absolutely nothing in this photo resembling foundation. That’s because my mom’s foundation game is on point. She uses L’Oreal true match foundation and it makes her skin so pretty.  It’s on my list of foundations to try since it looks so good on her. No need to send any foundation product to her.

Now please know that I am aware that some of these items kind of screw with my project pan, but I think it’s a worthy cause! Left to right:

Wet n wild eyeshadow palette, the colors are purple toned. I haven’t used it much at all, I had been waiting for the cooler weather. However, I think those little quads are a really good product, and at their price I don’t mind at all if this one doesn’t return to me.

Maybelline age rewind concealer, this is an opened but fairly new concealer. The shade matches me well, so it’ll probably match my mom too. As I’ve aged, my skin has gone darker and more like my mother’s. I have other concealers that I need to work my way through, so if this one works for Mom, it’ll get good use and it’ll be ages before I need to purchase another anyhow.

I added the ulta brow gel I got the other day and have barely tried. I figure she could try it. Then next is the elf brow pencil I’ve been trying to pan. There’s such a tiny bit left, just enough to sample really.

Next to that is my jonteblu charcoal colored eye pencil. It’s a grey rather than a black color, and I have a million eyeliners already because I get subscription boxes, and they almost always contain an eyeliner. I seem to recall that my mom generally likes a less harsh color than black traditionally, so the grey is the most logical option in eyeliners.

I sent the coty airspun powder on Miss Butterfly’s suggestion, I think in part Miss Butterfly wants to use it. I think Mom will have fun with the scent though, it’s so…traditional. I have a suspicion that mom won’t like the powder, but if she does, she can have it.

I included the makeup revolution blush that I’ve been wearing all summer. Mostly because I think it’s a very easy blush to use, and it looks great on my skin tone so it might be something she’ll also be happy with.

I included two brushes that I don’t need anymore, one being an eyebrow brush. Miss Butterfly is an expert at filling in brows with shadow, so that’s a tool they can use for that task. And then I included a blush brush since Miss Butterfly didn’t have one to bring but I have doubles of this style brush.

I then added two more little eyeshadows. One wet n wild quad from my project pan. I added this one because the more I use it, the more I appreciate how it looks on me. But, it’s also almost gone. And then there’s a clinique eyeshadow I got a couple years back to try.

I also sent with Miss Butterfly the Tarte Tarteist Pro to Go palette so that they could play with it, though it has to come back to me, and a larger clinique palette that Miss Butterfly likes to use for her eyebrow shade, Miss Butterfly wouldn’t let me get rid of that even if I wanted to!

I totally forgot to bring home any lip products from work, so those are out, but we searched Miss Butterfly’s stash and she took a few things, namely a set of clinique chubby sticks I gave to her that she’s willing to part with. Then I told Miss Butterfly that she could introduce her Nana to flower beauty lip products as a great high-quality drugstore option if they happened to be out shopping together. Miss Butterfly will have her flower beauty petal pout matte lipstick from her own collection with her.

I think this will give everyone some stuff to play with and experiment with. Miss Butterfly will appreciate having stuff to use while out there, and a motivated Nana to do makeup with. If Nana ends up finding something she likes in the process, she gets to start a collection, and I got the joy of sharing some of our hobby.

And I am interested to hear how it all goes!

2 thoughts on “Makeup Traveling Without Me

    • I guess it depends on what you like in a blush. The pan size is very large, so it’s wonderful because you can get a nice big fluffy brush in there with ease. It’s not heavily pigmented, so it takes a little bit of building. This is great for me as there’s nothing I hate more than being almost done with makeup and then ruining everything with a too pigmented blush. The color pictured here is “beloved” and it’s a wonderful coral shade that looks so healthy on my skin, without pulling out the natural redness I try to cover. Some coral colored blushes do that to me and it makes me angry. So yes, if that description sounds like something you might enjoy, give them a try! You can’t beat the price!

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