Tour de Fleece day 1

Yesterday morning Miss Butterfly and I got up at 4:15 am to take her to the airport for her annual trip to visit my parents. While generally, they give me a pass to get through security and see her to her gate, they didn’t do that this time and she was on her own. After a moment of anxiety on her part, she realized she had it under control and headed off. I knew I’d been training her for these steps all her life, and I’d considered asking if she wanted to try it herself, but *I* hadn’t been ready and hadn’t suggested it. Instead, the decision was made for me. She was fine though, absolutely fine.

I hung out in the airport until I knew she was at her gate, then once that text was received, I headed to work an hour and a half early. Naturally, my day was spent just trying to muddle through quite exhausted, and also receiving texts from my traveling daughter. She made it just fine. I’d hoped for a nice long nap after I got home from work, but could not sleep more than my normal 20 minute afternoon nap.

As such, I am still exhausted today, as sleeping in has never been a particular talent of mine. Exhausted like even my body hurts. It’s not going to get better this weekend either, as we’ve got our annual nighttime gravel ride tonight, which starts at 9:30 pm and goes into the wee hours of the morning. That being said, it also means we get to ride with friends, and we totally avoid the sun. That has some merit.

So you could say that I’ll be spinning both types of wheels today and tomorrow, the wool spinning kind and the bike riding kind.


My first TdF project is this merino wool. It’s quite rustic, and I am spinning it long draw so the spinning part is going fairly quickly. However, there are 8 ounces of it so it takes a while no matter what. This is over 4 ounces on these two spindles. I had hoped to have a total of 4 full spindles for a 4 ply, but am not positive at the moment that will happen. We’ll see! Hopefully, we’ll see this very weekend.

After that, I am hoping to start on some plain red mohair. We’ll see how much it messes with my allergies as I’ve had trouble spinning mohair in the past. If that goes ok, I may make some rolags out of the mohair and then have another interesting spin that also works for my decluttering goals.

Beyond that, I’ve no other particular TdF plans other than to keep up with the decluttering. And of course, all that could go off the rails depending on what suits my fancy at the time. Nevertheless, I am glad to be participating in this annual event in even the smallest way.