Shopping the stash for the week

Last week was a bit of a wash when it came to makeup. My schedule was weird and hectic with late nights and added activities and errands. There were many times I just couldn’t get up at my usual 5:30 time and instead slept in all the way to my 6:10 alarm. This didn’t allow for time for makeup except in the most minimal manner. Plus, much of my time was spent outdoors in the evenings, and I avoid heavier foundation on those days seeing as it isn’t likely to stick the way I want it to. I gave the tarteist pro to go palette a tiny bit of love, but not much, and then it ended up packed for Miss Butterfly’s trip without the week even being over.

Before Miss Butterfly headed out on the plane on Friday morning, she chose a palette for me to concentrate on this week. I’ve decided to indulge her.

Here’s the photo for the week.


You’ll see many of my project pan items-the contour, the clinique powder, the dandelion twinkle, the UD all nighter foundation. But, I’ve added some stuff in to play with.

Let’s start with the palette, this is Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette which we got at half price at one of the sales in May. I’ve worn it only once, and Miss Butterfly may have only worn it once as well. On the other hand, these are, for me, colors that feel wintery. So, I had figured I’d be playing with this palette a lot more in the winter. But, if she wants me to give it some love this week, I will.

Ok, now more left to right though I’ll skip much of my project pan stuff. The Pretty Vulgar eyeliner pot that I got in a boxy charm I’ve decided to use this week as I feel it’s a good pairing with the eyeshadows. Below that there’s a tiny container that says “thank you” which is a sample from Vanessa’s Vanity, as I purchased a few single shadows from that indie shop in May. I figured I’d play with that a bit.

I’ve got my bare minerals matte foundation for outdoor play days this week, and I also snuck in the sample size of makeup forever foundation. It’s a color that matches me pretty well right now as I’ve been out in the sun quite a lot recently. I’ve never tried it and I am eager to give it a spin. I completely failed to use the UD all nighter that I am trying to pan last week, so I am shooting for at least one day of wear on that stuff too.

Under the eyeshadow palette is a flower beauty flower pot blush, color sweet pea. This is a cooler toned blush and will pair nicely with the eyeshadows.

I also stuck in a primer that I haven’t had a chance to mess around with yet, it’s the cover fx blurring primer. I’ve got so many different primers from subscription boxes I fear I’ll never run out. But, I’d like to also narrow down some preferences.

And finally I put the nyx precision brow pencil in there as I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I fear the color is a little bit too warm, but if I at least get a day to try it, that’ll be good. I’ve been using the nyx eyebrow powder pencil and liking it quite a lot. I’ll combine the two if the color is too wrong on this one.

And that’s it for this week in shop the stash. We’ll see what we end up with at the end of the week.

One thought on “Shopping the stash for the week

  1. I am seeing a dermatologist thursday for spot checks. I will ask him if my SPF in my loreal foundation with a 30 spf should be reapplies during the day. I dont reappy anything but lipstick as the day goes oN!

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