Tour de Fleece First Finish

I admit I powered through this spin, as it was ultimately pretty miserable.

I got these batts of undyed merino, a full 8 ounces, years ago online. Another one of those purchases one may regret when not knowing the seller. They were rustic, if by rustic we mean absolutely full of everything the sheep could get into. They were clean, but all those bits and bobs of hay and straw and grass and so on were in the batts, in very tiny portions making it extra difficult to remove them.

But they removed themselves, all over my lap and floor. And chair, and ottoman, and bobbins, and wheel, and kate, and so on.


And while I am grateful that the vegetable matter was removing itself, along with that which I was removing during plying, it is never ending.

I now have 600 yards of 3 ply yarn which is still quite rustic. It is quite tightly plied, mostly because I was busy trying to pick out more of the VM that wasn’t dropping out on it’s own, and thus may have held the plies in one place for too long before allowing the yarn to take up on the bobbin.


As you can see, there’s still a lot of VM in there. Want a closer look?


But I was thinking “Ok, what is in there is stuck in there, and at least I won’t have to deal with it until I am knitting with it.” Except, that wasn’t the case. After counting yardage, my lap was covered in VM. Then when shaking it out before putting it away, it was visibly dropping VM. So, that VM is an unending nightmare on an otherwise perfectly nice yarn. I threw out the remaining singles on the final two bobbins. Enough was enough.

BUT! The goal was to destash the craft room, and this fulfilled that goal, so good job me.

Up next? Miles and miles of red mohair. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Tour de Fleece First Finish

  1. Good for you destashing the old fashioned way – with a heave ho! A shame you had to waste your time and money on that in the first place, though!

    Now let’s see what you do with the red mohair.

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