It’s Not a Punishment

As I finished up the rustic merino, I planned my next project. I’ve got a whole mess of red mohair fiber that could be spun. I figured I could get started on it immediately, and so I did. The plan I had in mind was to do a 3 ply and then do a 2 ply, giving myself two differing skeins of yarn to work with. I suspect even if I do both skeins, I’ll still have a whole mess of leftover red mohair to keep spinning. It’s probably sweater quantity, but I can’t wear mohair anyhow so it’s pointless for me to try to make sweater quantities.

I finished up the first bobbin in short order:


It really is a lovely red. And it’s been a pleasant spin as well, to be honest. However, I just got done with 8 ounces of dark brown, and so the prospect of one color again was a bit daunting.

I started the second bobbin. And began to question my life choices.

I got bored, I got annoyed, and I walked away from the wheel.

And then I remembered what I read about project pan, how it’s not supposed to be a punishment. If you don’t like it, don’t do it.

So, I thought about that for a bit and went into my fiber cupboard to pull out something colorful. Then I remembered that the goal at the beginning of TdF, ONLY a few days ago, that I’d already forgotten, was simply to work on the declutter projects a bit each day. Not to fly through every declutter project and work on them exclusively, just to work on them a bit each day. Because it’s not a punishment.

So, I’ve got another half bobbin of the red mohair and a tiny bit of a colorful spin I’ll talk about later. And that’s where I am in TdF. And it’s no longer feeling like a punishment.

2 thoughts on “It’s Not a Punishment

  1. That’s great you were able to stop and remember that goal rather than walking away completely! I have such a difficult time with that as I always think I have to completely finish a project before I start another

  2. I am glad you remembered that! The red is just gorgeous, the perfect shade of red in my mind.

    I find monochromatic spins the hardest to get through. I will finish one up today, and my reward will be a more colorful mate to it. Still muted, but not all one color. Then I think I will do some wild colorful thing.

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