What an evening

It was trivia night last night, a new one at a different venue. It was the first trivia at that venue, and generally that makes for a light crowd until the word gets out. Maybe just 5 or 6 teams, and the game goes smoothly and quickly. That was NOT the case with this venue. The place was hopping right off the bat! In fact, there were 21 teams. 21! That’s crazy. As such, the game went far later into the evening than any of my team expected. BUT…despite this, my team won! We won, against 20 other teams! We found this completely unbelievable! That being said, we were feeling like we had a pretty strong night. While we are always a bit light on sportsball knowledge, we felt that we had a great handle on every other category collectively. What a fun evening!

As such, I did not get a ton of crafting done. However, I did manage to get a second bobbin of red spun! Much to my surprise really. All I needed to do was let go of the goal oriented idea that I HAD to spin through as much of my declutter stash as possible, and suddenly I was able to finish a second bobbin without feeling like I was even trying.


So now I ply.  Because I’ve decided I want to start with a 2 ply, wash it, and see how it turns out before continuing on with my original plan of a 2 ply and a 3 ply yarn out of this fiber.

Because I might change my mind! Who knows!

4 thoughts on “What an evening

  1. Congrats on the big win!!! You guys are trivia rock stars!

    The red really is gorgeous, it os going to be pretty when plied. How much do you think it will fluff up when finished?

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