Out of It

Oh man, the exhaustion has caught up and I am really feeling out of it this morning. Is this how non-morning people feel? It’s uncomfortable. My brain isn’t working, and I’ve had coffee and everything. And I am just not overly inspired to do anything right now. I’ll get there though, I am sure.

Some of the heat seems to have broken, it’s slightly less miserable outside. We woke up to tons of fog, as the earth is still very hot but the air was cooler. It has already burned off, but it looks like the upcoming week might be a bit of a relief.

I figure it’s time to show off my second TdF spinning project. This is one I pulled out of stash to work on, after putting it in stash during the first big declutter weekend. You may remember that I cram-pot dyed some merino locks:


For those wondering, I use a crockpot for cram-pot dyeing. I put a layer of water in, then a layer of locks, then a layer of dye. Then I add enough water to cover the next layer, more locks, and more dye. I keep repeating the process until I fill the crock pot or run out of locks. This makes locks that are all different colors, and if I am careful it doesn’t really matter much what colors get next to each other, as the amount of wool separates the dyes, and then the dyes take up on the wool without making things too muddy. Each individual lock may be a number of different colors once done, and so when I spin from the lock, it kind of naturally barberpoles those colors. So, I enjoy this process quite a bit as it’s completely a surprise what I end up with.

Originally I thought I’d start spinning these locks by just picking them apart and spinning from a handful of wool, but it wasn’t working out so well. There are a fair amount of second cuts to this wool, and it looked terrible. So, now I am back to the process of flick carding before spinning each lock and it’s a bit slow going. That being said, I am enjoying the results.


When I went to put the wool in the stash, I realized it matched some mawata silk I had dyed a few years back using leftover Easter egg dyes. Let’s see if I can find that photo:


So, my plan is to spin these up as well and ply them together for a colorful yarn. I think it’ll be fun, and it’s a lot more creative than I’ve been spinning lately. Not to mention colorful!

That’s about it from here, I am going to be taking it easy today. Resting, napping, maybe some time with a girlfriend at a lake. We’ll see how it goes. Probably more of the same tomorrow as well.

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