Rest Day

Technically, today is a TdF rest day I believe. And I am intending to use it as such.

But for me, yesterday was a rest day. A life rest day, rather than a spinning rest day. And boy did I need it! I got regular chores around the house done, and spent a bunch of the rest of my free time spinning. I made sure I had two bobbins of red ready to go so I could get to plying on Tuesday.


The third smaller bobbin is leftover singles from the previous skein. So, once rest day Monday is over, I am all set up for a plying session. Oh, behind that? Is the remainder of red I have to spin, more than 8 ounces. Oooof. But, I am pleased with how this yarn is spinning up, and how the resulting skeins look. I am glad that decluttering and TdF have forced me to challenge myself into getting these spun.

That’s it from here, I guess it’s also a blogging rest day, as not much interesting has happened to chatter on about. Have a great week my friends!

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