And Then There Were Two

I finished another skein of red two-ply, this one coming in at just about the same yardage as the last.


So, that’s 1000 yards. I’ve already begun the next set of bobbins, working on the singles in my spare moments. Miss Lizzie has taken to using my treadle to get a back massage. Makes it a bit harder to do the work, but she seems happy, so it’s ok. I’ll tolerate it.


Why yes, yes I do use both feet on a single treadle, why do you ask‽

That’s it from here, I sure am happy it’s Thursday. Have a great remainder of your week!


9 thoughts on “And Then There Were Two

  1. still loving that pretty red! and ther eis so much yardage, I am impressed.

    And laughing at your treadling AND rubbing hte dog’s back at the same time. Good multitasking!

    so why do you use two feet on a single treadle?

    • The kromski prelude is a perfectly fine little wheel, but at times, not the easiest to use. I mean, at least compared to my rose. I just find I have more control over the spinning when I am using both feet on the treadle. It’s not the most comfortable option, but it seems to work the best for me.

    • This I do not know. It has a high mohair content, which I am allergic to. And, a high alpaca content, which I find itchy. So, at the moment the plan is to spin it. Maybe someday an idea of what to do next will strike me, but it certainly can’t be for a garment for me. I struggle enough to spin it in the first place!

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