I finished those socks!


The toes match the toes, the cuffs match the cuffs, but the heels don’t match and that’s fine with me. These were a ton of fun really, and the perfect project for my lunchtime at work. There wasn’t a lot of thinking involved, just round and round on a 9-inch circ, alternating colors. With the afterthought heel, they really did fly.

They are too large for me, so I’ve set them aside for gifting at some point. But, I am really glad I was able to use that much of two leftover yarns, getting a full pair of socks when the two yarns worked together. While I know I don’t NEED to conserve yarn, my stash is large enough, it feels good to conserve yarn.

In other news, yet another bobbin full of red singles has been created, looks like by the time the weekend is over I should have another skein of red 2 ply. It doesn’t even feel like slow going anymore, but it does feel like boring blog posting!

Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “Completion

  1. The socks look great! I think different heels are fine. Only the laundress will see them, lol.

    As for the red yarn, I am glad it isn’t boring you, but I understand what you mean about the photos. I am on a TDF team, so post a photo of progress each day. Some ladies are posting multiple full bobbins every day, but I posted what looked to me like identical pictures all week!

    Anyway, you post whatever you want, I love your spinning! And it will be a great pile of red when you are finished!

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