Shop the Stash for the Week

This week I work 3 days and have two off, as Miss Butterfly is coming home and then we’ve got a lot of pre-highschool activities to complete. I am always surprised at how much the school asks us to do during the work week when it’s time for school to start again. I guess I just need to account for that and make sure she’s always home at the end of July.

Anyhow, because it’s a short week, I planned my eyeshadows accordingly.


Instead of picking a full and proper palette, I chose some singles. But, I am getting ahead of myself, let’s start at the beginning. Left to right, top to bottom.

No more baggage-I received this in my boxycharm, and I intended to use it last week. I think I got two uses out of it and then promptly forgot to use it at all. I will try again this week.

My Urban Decay all nighter foundation-I am trying to pan this, and I’ve fallen down hard the past few weeks. Last week I never picked it up at all, the prior week I rarely used it. Next weekend I’ve got another project pan update planned, and it would be great if I could just get a tiny bit more progress out of it before that.

Below that is my sample of YSL Mon Paris. I am glad I have this sample, as I loved the perfume in the store and would always put it on when looking at perfume samples. But, when wearing it daily, it falls short for me. So, I am pretty sure I’ll use up the sample this week, and that’ll be that. I won’t be mad if I receive this sample again someday, but it’s not a perfume for me to go out and purchase.

Now let’s talk about what is in that palette. Top left is a highlighter sample from Vanessa’s Vanity. I thought I would not like this sample, but I used it a bunch last week and it was really pretty. So, I am going to keep using it. A little goes a very long way, it’s going to take me forever to use that sample.

Under that is Ella Eden eyeshadow single I received in my ipsy this morning. It’s a lovely peachy toned shadow, looks great packed on the lid and blended out, looks great with other shadows, AND looks fantastic as a blush topper. I am really pleased about receiving this shadow.

Below that is a tart blush I received in my Sephora play. I’ve always wanted to try one, and I am thrilled to be trying it out this week. It’s a pretty tone, I played with it when it arrived Friday. With that eyeshadow as a blush topper, it’s truly stunning, a really fresh and healthy skin look.

To the right of that is a Laura Mercier caviar stick sample I received in my very first Sephora play. I added this in since my choices are a little bit sparse and not well pulled together this week.

Starting at the top of the singles is a large pan of pink, that’s an Ofra blush I received in ipsy last month. It cannot be used as a blush on me, as it’s the same color as the redness I cover on my cheeks. It looks terrible. But, it makes a fun eyeshadow, and if I pair it with yellow, I get a nice wash of yellow into orange, into pink. So I am not mad I have it, but its use is limited to eyes.

I have 3 matte shades and 3 shimmer shades below that. These are a combo of Vanessa’s Vanity, Morphe, and Elizabeth Mott. So, we’ll see where we get with all that.

Below that is more basics from stash. I am adoring the marc jacobs velvet noir mascara I received in a Sephora play. Under that is the concealer I am working on, the Chella eyebrow pomade that works well but the delivery system isn’t my favorite, and then 2 liners. The style sepia I am trying to pan that works well with green/brown and a silkissimme black liner for days where green/brown is totally inappropriate.

To the right of that are more standards, at the top is a tarte pore filling primer I’ll work on using, then my bronzer and contour. In fact, it is my goal to work on expanding the pan on the light shade in the contour palette, so I didn’t even pull out a powder this week.

And that’s what’s up with my makeup this week. 3 work days/opportunities to get made up, and after that all bets are off.

Now, let’s quickly talk about last week’s palette.


It’s the crown palette I got in my boxy charm and I am certainly not upset about having received this. I am going to give a very quick overview of my thoughts on this. Overall, it’s a great little palette. I can do a number of matte looks with it, going full neutral or adding in the warmer oranger shade to change the look entirely. Most of the shimmers work nicely and stay put. But, that lightest shade? It’s total crap. I guess I could still try a wet brush, but I can’t get it to show up for anything as an inner corner highlight. There are two orangey shimmers, and both of them show up almost the same, there’s really no discernable difference to them. So, while they are both nice, it’s not really necessary for both to be in there. But, for a palette received in a subscription box, it’s really nice. I am eager to have Miss Butterfly home to see what she thinks of it.

That’s all from us, at the end of the week there’ll be a major project pan update, and I am excited to look at what I’ve done this month. I haven’t tracked it all particularly carefully, so it’ll be a surprise even to me!