Next Up

Hi all!

My TdF continues apace. I am so excited to report that all the merino cram-pot singles are spun.


I decided that the best thing to do was to ply them with mawata silk singles, so naturally, I needed to get started on that. I don’t love spinning mawata silk, so I wasn’t about to do that on spindles. Instead, I got started at the wheel. I just alternated between colors at random, figuring the color changing effect would look fine in the end.


I may not like spinning mawata silk, but it looks so beautiful on the bobbin. Truly. Now all that’s left is simply the plying project, and I’ve got another “secret stash” project complete. This one wasn’t technically still in the secret stash, I’d gotten it to a point where it was moved to regular stash, but it’s still from that original clean out and dye session.

After this, I may even dive into some fleece needing to be flick carded before it gets spun. It would be another project that isn’t overly interesting but really does need to get finished.

And that’s your quick update from me, happy Tuesday!