Next Finish

It did not take me long at all to finish up the cram-pot/mawata silk project. The entire time I was plying, knowing full well I would have more merino singles than silk, I was saying to myself “Whatever shall I do if I don’t have enough mawata silk singles? Purchase and dye more?!?!”

Then, after a time, I decided I’d be ok with having 400 yards of this yarn. So, if I was able to just get 400 yards out of the spin, I’d be satisfied and not purchase more silk. I mean, easter egg dyes are a little tough to come by this time of year.

But, once done, I counted yardage and realized I’d blown past that 400 yard goal in spades! I ended up with 545 yards of 2 ply laceweight.


It’s perfectly rustic and absolutely beautiful. I cannot WAIT to work with it, TRULY. It’ll be the next thing to be knit for sure. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish up the two items I’ve got on the needles before I commit to this one. But, I am thinking another Lintilla shawlette may be in order. Something that will show off this gorgeous yarn, and something I adore knitting, and something I adore wearing. This is mine, ALL MINE!

But-I’ve got to get through the end of TdF first, right? I may only have a few days left, but I do intend to use them wisely. I’ve pulled out my largest fleece. It’s washed and washed well because I did the job, but it’s not processed.


It’s the one in the top bag of the picture above.

So, for this one, I need to flick card the fleece and then spin those locks. There’s some vegetable matter in these locks, but nothing too out of control. The fleece otherwise looks like it’s in great shape. It’s not the softest wool, but that I don’t mind either. I think it’s corriedale from what I remember.

I plan to spin this on spindles and on the wheel, and I am going to create a 3 ply yarn. I’ll just flick card some, get those locks spun, and get back to flick carding.

It looks like it might even be nice enough to sit outside later this week while working on the flick carding. Always a bonus when all that VM can just land outdoors instead of inside where I have to vacuum it.

I am eager to see how far I can get with the fleece before TdF ends. But, to be perfectly honest I am well aware that fleeces seem to expand on contact. I’ll flick card and flick card, filling a bag with flick carded locks, and another bag with wool that is just waste, and it won’t even look like I touched the original fleece. But, the proof will be in the singles I suppose.

And, that’s it from here for a TdF update! It’ll be pretty boring after awhile while I am working on the fleece, but hopefully, I’ll have plenty of other things to write about and take photos of.