TdF final project

And, it’ll take me far longer than TdF which ends Sunday.

I’ve gotten in a bit of a routine around this project. Thankfully, it hasn’t been so oppressively hot lately, nor is it crazy windy. Those two conditions are what define summer here, so it’s a bit of a surprise, and quite convenient for this final project. So, my routine has been to come home from work, grab my 10-minute reboot the brain nap and a quick snack, then head out to the patio to flick card.

Flick carding on the patio is way better of an idea than indoors since there is quite a lot of vegetable matter in the locks. It’s not gross VM, just hay, but it does get everywhere. But, when I flick card it out of the locks, I end up with locks to spin that don’t spray VM everywhere, so it’s totally worth this step. I’ll flick card until 7 pm, feed the dog, take her for a walk, then head indoors to get a little spinning done.


So, here’s what the patio looks like. One large bag of fleece, a smaller bag of flick carded locks ready to be spun, and a pile of waste wool on the ground. I’ve got so far to go still, but progress is being made!

The spinning of this wool is wonderful though, the corriedale locks spin so nicely. The fleece is a combo of brown and grey and a silvery white. This makes for interesting spinning, it’s not just a solid color. I have about half a bobbin full so far.


See what I mean by worth the process? It’s gorgeous and richly colored. I can’t wait to see what this looks like in a 3 ply yarn! It’s tempting to quit this bobbin now and start another just so I can enjoy the resulting skein.

Miss Butterfly arrives home today, so I am off work. My plan is to get some chores done this morning before I pick her up from the airport. Then, a trip to the grocery store, and a basil harvest and pesto making session. There’ll be some to eat tonight and some to freeze for later. After all that, I should be able to get back to some carding and spinning.

Have a great Thursday friends!