2018 Summer Project Pan update 2

It’s been a full month or more now since I’ve done a summer project pan update, so it’s time to review where I am at. This is my last update before the finale at the end of August. Since the number of products I have are greatly reduced now, I only have 3 photos to post.

Original photos:

And here are the new photos:

Hair Custard-I’ve used 7 grams since the last update.
Mary Kay lip mask-I’ve used 2 grams, but no progress on the lip balm.
Trader Joe’s cleanser-You can see my progress indicated, it’s pretty good, but at this rate it’ll last another 4 months probably. I use it almost exclusively twice a day.
Benefit dandelion highlighter-one gram used, and you can see that the tiny pan I had last month has grown significantly.
Kiehls line reducing cream-1 gram used.
First Aid Beauty serum-2 grams used
Makeup Revolution matte blush-1 gram used, no pan to be seen yet.
Wet n Wild Contour palette-The tiny pan I hit last time has been expanded quite a bit on both sides.
Makeup Forever blurring skin tint-1 gram used. I use this as a sunscreen exclusively since it’s too dark. It’ll get used up before the end of the summer I think.
Origins eye cream-1 gram used, there’s not much of this left but it just may keep going this month as so little is needed.
Urban Decay all nighter foundation-Progress is indicated by black lines, moving up the container since it’s an airless pump. I have hated this product through and through, until lately. The better shape my skin is in, the better this looks on me. I no longer hate it. I wouldn’t repurchase it, but I don’t hate it.
Clinique powder-2 grams used.
Buxom lip gloss-progress is indicated, I can probably finish this in the next month.
Wet n wild palette-a bit more pan can be seen now in the transition shade, but to be honest this is mostly because it broke on Miss Butterfly’s trip east. Which is fine with me.
Wet n wild primer-1 gram used
Maybelline nude matte lipstick-progress indicated on the page. I didn’t use it in the first month, so only one month’s progress is shown.
Style Sepia eyeliner-Progress indicated on the page. I forgot to mark it during month 1, so only one month’s progress is shown.

And here’s a list of that which I used up:

Clinique toner

PureHeals mask

Estee Lauder advanced night repair

Benefit Porefessional

Urban Decay primer potion

Origins ginzing gel moisturizer

Elf eyebrow pencil

Prada perfume sample

Pureology color care spray


Lush R&B hair moisturizer-I couldn’t tolerate the scent, I used it one more time and decided to toss it.

And just for record keeping purposes, Update 1 finishes below.

Used Up:

Lush Serum bar

Lush shampoo bar

Origins Night-a-mins cream

Elf Matte Magic setting spray

Clinique Chubby Stick in strawberry


Elbow Grease

Miss Dior Cherie perfume

That’s it! I’ll continue as is for this project pan, but for the fall project pan I do think I am going to just plain choose fewer products overall. That being said, I had removed some things from my project, and then ended up finishing them anyhow. I always want to add all the tiny things from subscription bags, but when I do concentrate on them they get used up quickly, so I am going to stop adding those. They’ll be well covered in an empties post. But, I am just starting out with this project pan thing, so I guess there are many lessons to be learned.

Speaking of which, Miss Butterfly and I discussed a nail polish use up series. We don’t really paint our nails often, and most of the nail polish we have is hers, but we might give it a try! We discussed committing to painting nails on Sunday evenings to start with, and even just using nail polish once a week should be helpful to using up some of those products in our stash. We’ll see!






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