Next Up

Hi all!

My TdF continues apace. I am so excited to report that all the merino cram-pot singles are spun.


I decided that the best thing to do was to ply them with mawata silk singles, so naturally, I needed to get started on that. I don’t love spinning mawata silk, so I wasn’t about to do that on spindles. Instead, I got started at the wheel. I just alternated between colors at random, figuring the color changing effect would look fine in the end.


I may not like spinning mawata silk, but it looks so beautiful on the bobbin. Truly. Now all that’s left is simply the plying project, and I’ve got another “secret stash” project complete. This one wasn’t technically still in the secret stash, I’d gotten it to a point where it was moved to regular stash, but it’s still from that original clean out and dye session.

After this, I may even dive into some fleece needing to be flick carded before it gets spun. It would be another project that isn’t overly interesting but really does need to get finished.

And that’s your quick update from me, happy Tuesday!

Gravel and Sunshine

My Saturday morning gravel ride was glorious! I got up that morning feeling somewhat cruddy, and I thought “If Em cancels, I am not going by myself.” This was in part because I felt cruddy and exhausted, but also because Mr. Ink had to work and I figured it would be best to have him available on the phone for a solo ride.

But, Em didn’t cancel, and so we set off that morning on a ride. I had a route in mind, and it’s one she knows well. She brought her ebike, as she’s recovering from some surgery and this is a way that she can participate in biking during her recovery. This actually made things so perfect, as I was seriously going to worry about her the entire time if she hadn’t brought her ebike. But, because she did, I was able to just do my gravel thing and she was easily able to keep up with no pain and exhaustion. Plus, she could chat at me from time to time, and we were able to catch up, as we hadn’t seen each other in a while.

Now, Em likes to stop and take pictures. Adventure pictures. She thinks one of the best ways to show people the joys of biking is to take photos of the things we see on our adventures. I admit I didn’t take a ton of pictures this time, but I did take two. The first was an old abandoned barn and house. I love a good broken down barn photo.


Next was a real gem, we’d stopped at an intersection, crossing a paved road. She pointed out a fabulous fountain, and once pointed out, we had to ride up the pavement to see it!


It’s as charming as can be and so unusual!

The entire ride was fantastic. My little scoped out route took us on a 23.5 mile gravel ride. A perfect route for something I could handle solo. Lots of hills, but also lots of good scenery.

It was also the kind of ride where despite really working hard, once I got home, showered, hydrated, and fed, I was able to continue on my day without feeling completely exhausted and unable to do anything.

And as such, I got a bunch of spinning. I concentrated on the red 2 ply yarn as I really was feeling the need just finish up that project. And I did! Between spinning on Saturday and spinning on Sunday, by Sunday afternoon I’d completed the project!


I can’t even begin to tell you how good that feels. My final total is 2,085 yards. 4 skeins, all of them in the 500 yard range! No, I have no clue what I’ll do with them, they’ll just go in stash for now. Actually, they look pretty good sitting on top of the stash cabinet waiting for some space to free up for all of them! I’ll work on freeing up that space by knitting this fall.

Next up, finish the cram-pot dyed locks project and then see what other “secret stash” project could be started, since that’s the entire goal of TdF for me this year. But, today is a rest day, and I am going to use it as such.

Shop the Stash for the Week

This week I work 3 days and have two off, as Miss Butterfly is coming home and then we’ve got a lot of pre-highschool activities to complete. I am always surprised at how much the school asks us to do during the work week when it’s time for school to start again. I guess I just need to account for that and make sure she’s always home at the end of July.

Anyhow, because it’s a short week, I planned my eyeshadows accordingly.


Instead of picking a full and proper palette, I chose some singles. But, I am getting ahead of myself, let’s start at the beginning. Left to right, top to bottom.

No more baggage-I received this in my boxycharm, and I intended to use it last week. I think I got two uses out of it and then promptly forgot to use it at all. I will try again this week.

My Urban Decay all nighter foundation-I am trying to pan this, and I’ve fallen down hard the past few weeks. Last week I never picked it up at all, the prior week I rarely used it. Next weekend I’ve got another project pan update planned, and it would be great if I could just get a tiny bit more progress out of it before that.

Below that is my sample of YSL Mon Paris. I am glad I have this sample, as I loved the perfume in the store and would always put it on when looking at perfume samples. But, when wearing it daily, it falls short for me. So, I am pretty sure I’ll use up the sample this week, and that’ll be that. I won’t be mad if I receive this sample again someday, but it’s not a perfume for me to go out and purchase.

Now let’s talk about what is in that palette. Top left is a highlighter sample from Vanessa’s Vanity. I thought I would not like this sample, but I used it a bunch last week and it was really pretty. So, I am going to keep using it. A little goes a very long way, it’s going to take me forever to use that sample.

Under that is Ella Eden eyeshadow single I received in my ipsy this morning. It’s a lovely peachy toned shadow, looks great packed on the lid and blended out, looks great with other shadows, AND looks fantastic as a blush topper. I am really pleased about receiving this shadow.

Below that is a tart blush I received in my Sephora play. I’ve always wanted to try one, and I am thrilled to be trying it out this week. It’s a pretty tone, I played with it when it arrived Friday. With that eyeshadow as a blush topper, it’s truly stunning, a really fresh and healthy skin look.

To the right of that is a Laura Mercier caviar stick sample I received in my very first Sephora play. I added this in since my choices are a little bit sparse and not well pulled together this week.

Starting at the top of the singles is a large pan of pink, that’s an Ofra blush I received in ipsy last month. It cannot be used as a blush on me, as it’s the same color as the redness I cover on my cheeks. It looks terrible. But, it makes a fun eyeshadow, and if I pair it with yellow, I get a nice wash of yellow into orange, into pink. So I am not mad I have it, but its use is limited to eyes.

I have 3 matte shades and 3 shimmer shades below that. These are a combo of Vanessa’s Vanity, Morphe, and Elizabeth Mott. So, we’ll see where we get with all that.

Below that is more basics from stash. I am adoring the marc jacobs velvet noir mascara I received in a Sephora play. Under that is the concealer I am working on, the Chella eyebrow pomade that works well but the delivery system isn’t my favorite, and then 2 liners. The style sepia I am trying to pan that works well with green/brown and a silkissimme black liner for days where green/brown is totally inappropriate.

To the right of that are more standards, at the top is a tarte pore filling primer I’ll work on using, then my bronzer and contour. In fact, it is my goal to work on expanding the pan on the light shade in the contour palette, so I didn’t even pull out a powder this week.

And that’s what’s up with my makeup this week. 3 work days/opportunities to get made up, and after that all bets are off.

Now, let’s quickly talk about last week’s palette.


It’s the crown palette I got in my boxy charm and I am certainly not upset about having received this. I am going to give a very quick overview of my thoughts on this. Overall, it’s a great little palette. I can do a number of matte looks with it, going full neutral or adding in the warmer oranger shade to change the look entirely. Most of the shimmers work nicely and stay put. But, that lightest shade? It’s total crap. I guess I could still try a wet brush, but I can’t get it to show up for anything as an inner corner highlight. There are two orangey shimmers, and both of them show up almost the same, there’s really no discernable difference to them. So, while they are both nice, it’s not really necessary for both to be in there. But, for a palette received in a subscription box, it’s really nice. I am eager to have Miss Butterfly home to see what she thinks of it.

That’s all from us, at the end of the week there’ll be a major project pan update, and I am excited to look at what I’ve done this month. I haven’t tracked it all particularly carefully, so it’ll be a surprise even to me!

For Days

I’ve got red singles for days.


Two more bobbins full of singles to be plied, as well as two partial bobbins hanging out for the next plying session. It’s not so interesting, but it is productive. And I am really loving the fact that I am getting this done.

But today? Today is not really for spinning. Or not wool spinning. I am sipping on coffee and about to get read for a gravel bike ride. Yep, despite last week’s disaster, I am at it again. (My friend is MUCH better though, and able to go on her week-long bike trip which leaves today, much to my amazement and happiness.) I had planned for today’s ride to just be a solo ride, I figured I’d take my favorite route at my pace, and then when I’d had too much I’d just turn around and come back. But then I saw that another friend of mine is trying to get back on the bike after a long absence. She used to ride gravel as well, so I figured I’d ask, entirely expecting she’d not want to do that yet. She wanted to! So, I have a partner for my solo gravel ride. 🙂 It may not be a long or fast ride, but it will be satisfying.

And this is a good thing, because I’ve got a 40 miler planned next weekend, and can’t quit riding gravel between now and then, or it’ll all just be way harder than expected.

Miss Butterfly comes home this week and I’ve got two days off at the end of the week as well as the next Monday to spend with her and to run errands and get her prepared for high school which starts VERY soon now. It’ll be welcome time off, much needed, and I can’t wait to see Miss Butterfly. I bet I am even able to finish this red wool spin during the week!

That’s all the news from here today, have a wonderful weekend!


I finished those socks!


The toes match the toes, the cuffs match the cuffs, but the heels don’t match and that’s fine with me. These were a ton of fun really, and the perfect project for my lunchtime at work. There wasn’t a lot of thinking involved, just round and round on a 9-inch circ, alternating colors. With the afterthought heel, they really did fly.

They are too large for me, so I’ve set them aside for gifting at some point. But, I am really glad I was able to use that much of two leftover yarns, getting a full pair of socks when the two yarns worked together. While I know I don’t NEED to conserve yarn, my stash is large enough, it feels good to conserve yarn.

In other news, yet another bobbin full of red singles has been created, looks like by the time the weekend is over I should have another skein of red 2 ply. It doesn’t even feel like slow going anymore, but it does feel like boring blog posting!

Happy Friday!

And Then There Were Two

I finished another skein of red two-ply, this one coming in at just about the same yardage as the last.


So, that’s 1000 yards. I’ve already begun the next set of bobbins, working on the singles in my spare moments. Miss Lizzie has taken to using my treadle to get a back massage. Makes it a bit harder to do the work, but she seems happy, so it’s ok. I’ll tolerate it.


Why yes, yes I do use both feet on a single treadle, why do you ask‽

That’s it from here, I sure am happy it’s Thursday. Have a great remainder of your week!


An Interlude

While I did spin for TdF yesterday, I figured a knitting interlude was in order, as I finished a sock during my lunch break yesterday as well.


This is just a plain vanilla sock, but I alternated the green and the multi-color each row, which gave it an interesting extra dimension. The toe is multi-color on this sock, while I used the green for the heel.

The next sock isn’t too far behind this one, I am working on the heel on that one too. But, it’ll have a multi-color heel because I am out of the green.

These are a bit too large for me in the foot, unfortunately. But, I think I can find someone to give them to that will appreciate them. Having socks on hand for gifts always proves rather useful.

The work insanity continues, and at the moment I am just trying to get through each day. At home, I’ll sit down for some spinning, begin to watch a video, and find myself completely spacing out, never hearing a word of the video because I am too busy strategizing for work in my brain. Which I think has been useful. But at the same time, I need a break, and it would be nice if my mind would allow it.

But, we continue on, and I’ve got a few days off in the upcoming weeks in order to get Miss Butterfly home and ready for high school. That’ll be a very pleasant distraction once it happens.

We are halfway through the week though, and for that I am grateful!