What Stayed Gone?

You may remember that I sent some makeup and product with Miss Butterfly for my mom to try. I figured it might be fun to review what stayed there and what came home.


In addition to what is pictured, I also sent some Almay eye makeup remover pads for waterproof eye makeup. And Miss Butterfly brought a number of lip products to include some Clinique chubby stick samples I’d given to her a while back.

Right off the bat, mom liked a few things. For instance, the eye makeup remover pads were a hit, and the age rewind concealer worked for her as well.

I believe that the coty airspun powder stayed there as well, having been enjoyed. Which is great, as I am trying to work through a number of other powders in my stash right now, and that way this powder can get some use. Also, I love it, so it’s fun to share that love, even from a distance.

Now, the rest left to right. All of this is simply reported by Miss Butterfly, so I am not sure of its accuracy. The purple-colored wet n wild eyeshadow stayed, but it sounded like Miss Butterfly forced that one on my poor mom.

The ulta eyebrow gel stayed willingly, according to Miss Butterfly, and the elf eyebrow pencil less willingly but I can attest that it really only had the tiniest amount left in it anyhow.

The jonteblu charcoal colored eyeliner returned to me, and I’ve been using it myself from time to time when I want a black color rather than brown, but less harsh than a real true black. It’s not my favorite, but I am happy to have some use from it from time to time.

The blush returned to me, as Mom already had blush. I think Miss Butterfly wanted it to stay, and maybe because it’s not a color Miss Butterfly can wear and look good in. But I can, so I am perfectly happy to have it back.

The blush brush returned, but the eyebrow brush stayed from what I can tell. At least, it doesn’t seem to have made it back into my brush collection.

The Clinique eyeshadow duo stayed, but I think this was another force by Miss Butterfly, and the brown toned wet n wild shadow returned. It’s still in my project pan, and I have used it since it returned to me.

Also, many of the Clinique chubby sticks stayed, Miss Butterfly says mom liked those, and I believe Miss Butterfly only kept two for herself. And also gave Mom another lipstick of some sort from her stash.

And then, Miss Butterfly returned with a few things. I believe a lipstick and some foundation which I think is the Maybelline age rewind foundation. Since that’s not something I’ve tried yet, Miss Butterfly encouraged me to give it a try. I did so, and it oxidized way lighter than what it looks like in the bottle! I’ve never seen that happen before. I have a lot of experience with foundation going significantly darker, but not lighter! So, I told Miss Butterfly she’d better give that one a try, as it was VERY clear to me why it wasn’t working for Mom.

Thankfully, though Miss Butterfly has been told she can wear some makeup once she starts HS, letting her experiment with makeup quite a lot prior to being able to wear it out has REALLY toned down her desire to wear it at all. She’s finally convinced that full glam isn’t really for daily wear and that her skin looks pretty good without makeup, and she’s quite happy with some mascara and a swipe of a lip color. Allowing her to experiment heavily has also allowed her to see herself as confident in almost no makeup, and for that I am grateful.

In any case, I am glad I sent a few things out there. Sort of like sending favorite toys when Miss Butterfly was younger, hopefully, it gave everyone a moment of connection. And for me, it was fun to see what stayed and what came back home.

3 thoughts on “What Stayed Gone?

  1. Well I have found these posts make me think about how i Put on my Face. My mom would say, Oh I have to put my face on!
    I dont do eyeshadow. Im forever rubbing my eyes. I dont use many “products” at all but should find a light weight moisturizer for bed time. Do they make a spray one? I love lipstick, a light foundation and mascara and eye liner.
    I think your strategy for HS days and make up was genius!

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