Done and Dusted

I know full well that when I put my mind to something, I usually manage to complete that something. But I really didn’t realize how far I’d get with the craft room delcutter of secret stash so quickly after I decided to do it. I hadn’t set out to do it quickly, but once I got started, it has been tough to slow down.

I am particularly happy I managed to decide to work on it right before TdF, as I had not been even a little inspired about TdF prior to that. It gave me a goal and some focus, and I managed to get so much done! Let’s review that, shall we?

First of all, the new thing. I finished up all the Corriedale fleece from TdF. It may have been 4 days after TdF when I wrapped that project up, but no matter.


There you have it, that’s 1,530 yards of 3 ply yarn which I took from washed fleece to handspun yarn in a very short amount of time. I mean, I did have a few vacation days thrown in there, which helped immensely. But, that was easily the fastest I’ve ever processed a fleece.

This ended up being a pretty good declutter too because once I was done with the flick carding, I realized the huge pink bag I’d been storing the fleece in had large holes in the bottom of it from being used so much before I stuck the fleece in there. It’s probably why I stuck the fleece in there to store it in the first place. So, instead of finding a place for the bag, I got to toss the bag. One more item decluttered.

So, if you count the other two projects from TdF, the massive amount of red, and the cram pot dyed colorful locks I flick carded and spun then plied with silk, the grand total of yardage spun for TdF (and 4 days after) is 4,160.

That’s….amazing. That’s a TON of yarn. Really. And to think that amount of fiber was just sitting in my secret stash, while I pretended it didn’t even exist.

What is left in my secret stash? A couple things. A bag full of fleece/locks I intend to destash at some point. Another bag of 8 ounces of CVM/Romeldale that needs to be flick carded and spun. 2 leftover fleeces. Meaning, I made full projects out of the yarn I spun with them, but there’s still more left over sitting in my stash. A black wensleydale fleece. A box of wool samples of various breeds to work through someday. And, a container full of stuff for drum carding or making rolags. Though that is greatly reduced as well.

But for now, I shall knit. I’ve got two larger projects on the needles. The handspun sweater, which is sitting at home:


You may remember that I ripped out the collar and the ribbing to add length. I am now working the ribbing again, and it’s close to being done.

And then there’s this, Scottish Stripes, out of handspun and I absolutely love it. Even though it somehow ended up in hibernation for a bit. Here’s the last photo I took of it:


This photo is from May, so it really does need to be back in my rotation, and it’s a great work lunch project. It’s moving along again. I would like to finish one of these before the end of August, and then cast on a Lintilla out of the colorful handspun above, as that would make for a perfect vacation knit. We’ll see how it goes!

That’s it from here, happy Friday!