More Secret Stash

Yesterday Miss Butterfly and I were rearranging her room, making decisions about what to keep in there and what to move, and then rearranging my craft room to accommodate what she was giving up. Namely, we moved a table I was using as a makeup set up for us both and moved in her desk which is slimmer and makes the craft room larger as it takes up less space. It also has drawers which are highly convenient.

Because she’d done much of her room rearranging on her own, the craft room was a disaster area. She had basically used it to dump everything she didn’t want in her own room. So, we worked on cleaning that up and I came across a project I’d started ages ago.

The pattern is called Nix, and I started it in November 2017. I remember clearly working a few rows, deciding I hated the pattern and then moving it to my craft room so I could decide what to do with it. One of those situations where I wasn’t sure if I was going to frog or keep going. But, the craft room isn’t where I keep my yarn and between thinking I hated the pattern and it being in the craft room which is “secret stash” I never picked it back up.

Until yesterday. I must have been in a mood sometime in November of 2017 because that pattern is just fine. Lovely, easy, pleasant to work. I don’t know why I had a fit over it!


I am enjoying the project immensely now! The real reason I picked it back up was that the pattern cost money and the yarn was already wound into balls. Meaning, I didn’t feel like spending money on a pattern and I didn’t feel like winding new yarn. This ended up being perfect, with the added benefit of having it out of the craft room.

The yarn is from the wool festival in Taos I went to 5 years ago now. I bought it so that all those colors would go together but never found the perfect pattern. I think my intention had been to make it into a color affection shawl but I never got around to it. I still would like to make another color affection shawl someday, but I think a drapier yarn would be best for that pattern. The yarn for this pattern are singles and they are wool. A bit scratchy and rustic but beautifully dyed. They are knitting up very bouncy and squishy. I suspect this one is going to pill like mad at some point, but it looks pretty nice so far. It has surprisingly good stitch definition for singles.

What else did I do yesterday? Let’s see. I prepped for my next spin, even though I am unsure of when I might start that. I took Miss Butterfly shopping for stuff for her new room set up. Specifically, we were looking for a cool desk chair to match her room, but we were unsuccessful. However, we did manage to find her a bedding set that she liked and that matched, and I picked up a new tablecloth. So, the trip wasn’t entirely unsuccessful, just not as successful as we’d have hoped. And since I know that kid, I didn’t want to rush into a chair choice only to find out she wanted to return it later. This is a thing she does to me often. I also painted my nails and did a much better job on those than I generally do so that was pleasant, we’ll see how long they last.

And finally, here’s a photo from yesterday morning, Lizzie isn’t thrilled to pieces about the new loft bed.


Of course, it’s no fair that Miss Butterfly is holding her treat. Lizzie eventually got that treat by using the pillows on the floor as a launching point to jump for it. Smart doggo, she figured out a way!