Palette Update

If you are watching/reading my makeup posts, you’ll remember that earlier this week I expressed some disappointment in the Sydney Grace eyeshadow bundle I purchased, and some trepidation about the free bundle I received with the bundle I spent last week experimenting with.

For reference, here it is:


To be clear, the brighter yellow, and the copper shimmer to the right of that yellow are not Sydney Grace colors. The yellow is Vanessa’s Vanity and the copper is Elizabeth Mott. Now, the three transition looking mattes the row above the yellow all lean quite yellow on the skin, so I felt like those two colors fit right into the bundle so I added them.

I am SO VERY PLEASED to report that my enjoyment of this eyeshadow bundle is complete. I love it. It looks gorgeous on my eyes, and that light green shimmer (middle top row) is stunning and stays on my eyes beautifully. This bundle is precisely the bundle I was hoping for in the quality I had expected according to reviews of the company I’d seen all over the internet.

Now, I purchased a glitter glue this weekend as well, but I wanted to try this bundle without it. And it was great. But, I also discovered that I LOVE glitter glue! Glitter glue is clearly the hooded eye gal’s secret. No more glitter/shimmer transfer far above the crease, it’s amazing stuff!

One more thing I love about this bundle is how versatile it is. I’ve taken it cool toned using the darker colors or warmed it up with yellows. I can go for a more metallic eyelid, an entirely matte look, or concentrate on the green tones, playing them up completely. I am definitely happy with this bundle, and even if the other bundle never works out as I want it to, the purchase will have been worth it for this bundle.

That’s it for the makeup talk this week. I’ve got a finished knitted object to post about tomorrow, and I am thrilled!