800 Yards

Finishing an 800-yard project went a long way to bringing me close to even in my knit/spin totals this year. Adding the 800 yards of knitting has me at 6.22 miles knit and 6.8 miles spun. That’s fantastic news! I would like to fully even that out before finishing another spinning project, but I would also like to spin the two projects in various bags sitting in my living room. I do NOT want them to end up back in secret stash where I could forget them. Even if I do get more spinning done before I even out the totals, I am sure that as soon as the colder weather hits, I’ll be able to get back on track with attempting to knit double the amount I’ve spun this year.

Now on to that finished object. I finished that Nix shawl that I’d decided in November that I didn’t like. Upon picking it back up, I realized I must have been angsty at that time. Because it was a perfectly lovely knit. It was lovely the whole way through!


And it turned into a perfectly lovely large shawl! I am thrilled this project is finally finished, though once I really got started, it went quite quickly. I am also quite pleased with how nice the color combination turned out. It’s bright and cheery and looks just as nice as I had hoped it would when I chose those three yarns to go together all those years ago in New Mexico.