Shopping the Stash for the Week

It’s another week, and so it’s time for another weekly makeup plan. I agonized over this one, would you believe it? I had decided to use a particular palette I really love, but I think because it’s midway through August and my summer project pan is drawing to a close, I ended up going a different direction.

I decided to pull in almost all of my small eyeshadows instead. One of the wet n wild quads is in my project pan, plus I got a little quad in a subscription box I wanted to try out.


Headed vaguely left to right:

Primers: I’ll be getting more use out of the becca undereye primer this week. I also pulled the mac primer I’ve been working on, it’s almost gone. Then I also got a Becca matifying primer in a subscription box, so I pulled that too in case I have the opportunity to see how that works.

Foundation and concealer: I am still working on panning the Urban Decay all nighter foundation, and I am still far from done. I don’t think that it will get rolled into the next project pan, to be honest. I’ll still try to pan it after this month but I don’t want to be working this hard at it when I have other foundations I actually love. On that note, I threw in my Hourglass Illusion skin tint for this week, I miss it and I want to use it. I also pulled my maybelline age rewind concealer back in this week, again because I miss it and want to use it.

Below all that is blushes: I am going to keep working at the makeup revolution blush, but I also added in my tarte blush for something a little more muted. I also received a pixie blush/highlighter combo in a subscription box, but it works best as a blush topper/highlighter. I’ll play with that a bit more this week.

I am still working on that Hermes perfume, I think it’ll be gone this week. And, I pulled in the nyx eyeshadow brow pencil again as it’s so easy to use. Still working on my wet n wild contour palette too, especially since I want to use up as much as possible in the next two weeks.

Eyeshadows: At the top is my tarte tarteist pro to go palette, I haven’t used it much and am eager to wear it again. To the right of that is a super tiny quad I got in my subscription box, I can’t wait to try it. Below that is a pacifica palette I’ve used twice maybe, and below that the wet n wild shadow I am working on panning. In the top corner is an ella eden eyeshadow that doesn’t make for a great eyeshadow, but does make for a good blush topper. Maybe I’ll get to using that, and maybe not.

Eyeliners: I also received a brown gel pot eyeliner, I don’t hold much hope for it being any good but I’ll give it a try this week. It might be better in the eyebrows or as a base for the eyelid for shadow. I also pulled in both my jonteblu eyeliner that is charcoal colored and the style sepia I am trying to pan.

Lip products: I’ve got a maybelline lip liner, my only lip liner now. Then I’ve got the maybelline nude matte lipstick I am trying to pan. I received two lip products in subscription boxes, a sample size of makeup forever, and then a smashbox full size brown colored metallic which looks awful on me. I’ll see if I can manage to use my brown ofra lipstick and add the smashbox metallic lipstick in the middle, but I am not holding my breath. It’ll just be an experiment for this week. And finally, I added my L’oreal infallible lip paint in that hot pink because I haven’t used it since the wedding in May and I have pulled some neutral tones for this week.

The only thing left to talk about now is my wander beauty mascara. My mark jacobs mascara is beginning to flake on me, as all my most favorite mascaras begin to do. So, I pulled this one out to try.

That’s it for this week, this feels like a lot of product, but most are things I won’t want to wear more than once at a time anyhow. They aren’t things I can spend a week with. So, it makes sense to group them together.

Today we’ll be doing some back to school shopping so I’ll probably even wear makeup today, giving me yet another opportunity to wear one of these shadows. Ok for real, that’s it from me today. Have a great week!

3 thoughts on “Shopping the Stash for the Week

  1. I admire your make up fun with your daughter .
    I have a dermatology appointment on Friday. I just want the liver spots on my face to go away. They look awful. I also have a few new moles? I want screened. I tried to make my kids use sunscreen religiously. I gave up the sun in my 30s …way to late. Much too much damage done. Sigh.

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