Surprise Finish

Well, it’s not a surprise to me, but it may be a surprise to you, my dear readers. I never mentioned I was going to knit it and I showed no in progress photos.

I’ve got a couple goals with my stash, in addition to knitting more of it than I spin. One is to begin knitting the balls of yarn I’ve wound but never made it to finished object. The other is to work on knitting the oldest handspuns in stash.

This project is the first, a yarn I wound into a ball but tried knitting into various projects, none of which I was pleased with. I decided I needed to choose a pattern that didn’t matter. Meaning, any color situation would work, any gauge would work, and almost any yarn would work. I found that in this little ruffled Spiral Scarf. It took me 3 days to knit. The pattern is easy if short rows are your jam, and I had only 280 yards of yarn so I knew it would be a very short project.


I really like how this turned out. Knitting it was really enjoyable as well, as I had the color changing nature of handspun to keep me engaged through the process. I will for sure knit another one of these.

Now that this little palette cleanser project is off the needles, I am back at the handspun featherweight sweater that’s been on the needles a little bit too long! I’ve only got the sleeves to knit so I don’t think the finish is too far off. But, I always find the sleeve knitting a little rough. I am trying to power through at this point since it’ll give me a nice finished object yardage boost.

I realized that early on this year I challenged myself to knit 40 items in 2018. I have knit 15. That’s….not really enough. I am really going to need to step up my game and move some smaller yardage yarns from my stash if I truly want to hit that goal! Much more planning is needed. But for now, finish another sweater. My makeup habit is getting in the way of my knitting habit!


8 thoughts on “Surprise Finish

  1. Very nice scarf! Best of luck with the sleeves. They seem to be the knitters’ sore thumb. I often knit them first to get them done and over with, unless I’m knitting a sweater top-down.

    • Yes! I much prefer to start with sleeves as well, it’s a great goal. This one is top down though, and has the added problem of limited amounts of handspun. So, I needed to do all the other parts of the sweater to make sure I had enough yarn, then divide the remainder in two for the sleeves, which will just be 3/4 length.

  2. The spiral scarf is cute!

    I set myself a really easy goal of 15 things, and then queued up about 40, lol. I will hit that goal, and likely exceed it, but as it was my first round of long term goal setting for fiber, I am pleased. I also set my self a spinning goal – to spin more fiber than I acquired. So far, so good. I have spun more than I will bring in with my roving of the month club, and so now am just spinning to make sure that I don’t go off the rails with this goal if I go shopping, or someone gives me a luscious fibery gift.

    You inspired these timid goals, with your huge ones – I will be bolder next year! I am not sure I will get to 40, though – WOW, that is crazy!

    • I love me some goals! And I love to hear about other people’s goals too. I do NOT know what made me think 40 was an appropriate number though.

      Never mind, I just went and counted. I picked 40 because I completed 44 projects in 2017. That’s why. I need to take some of those smaller skeins of handspun in my stash and rattle off a bunch of small projects.

      • to me, goals are like lists, they keep me going forward. I just never did spinning and knitting goals before I “met” you! I think I also counted my projects the year before when I set my goals. I had a good combo of things like sweaters and socks and Christmas balls and hats, but I decided not to count the Christmas balls as I made a dozen or more of them, and didn’t know if I would again or not. Glad I didn;t count them, as I am doing some bigger projects this year, adn am thrilled when I can knock out a hat to up my numbers! Even socks are slower than I would like for some reason. And now I am on the hook for a couple of scarves, which always seem to take me forever – as long as a sweater! I will exceed my knitting goal, but it won’t be easy. And it won’t be how I thought I would do it, either. But the spinning goal is working out really well. I have 8 ounces prepped and ready to spin, I should start that project. Maybe when I finish the baby sweater…

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