What I’m Spinning

While I am still desperately trying to keep my knitting totals way ahead of my spinning totals and failing at the moment, this is not the time of year where I can just not spin. I tend to put my wheel away in the fall and do large amounts of knitting in the winter. I don’t want to give up spinning entirely during the time frame I really want to spin!

So I began another spinning project. I pulled out these fibers I dyed while decluttering the secret stash.


The yellow went into some batts, but the two blue colors made it into my next spinning project. I divided them and have begun spinning them into a three-ply yarn.


The wool on these is pretty rough and I am not sure what I’ll be able to make out of the finished object but for now, just working on the process of spinning is enjoyable. I just pick up on the spinning project when I can’t keep knitting sweater sleeves. It’s a nice way to keep motivated. This is bobbin number 1 so progress is a bit on the slow side.

That’s it from here in crafty news!

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