New Project

That featherweight cardigan is blocking, and after I cast off I realized I had nothing else in progress or planned. So, I had to think quickly. I realized I’d purchased the Soda Water scarf pattern awhile back, started it with some dark colored yarn, realized the cables weren’t very obvious and ripped it back out. In my hopes to continue working on projects with patterns already in my pattern stash, I decided to start that project over again with a yarn from stash.

The yarn is variegated and I worried this would mean that the cables wouldn’t be very visible, but I think the colors are close enough that the cables still work. This picture is a little off because I took it rather early in the morning while it was very wet and fairly dark out.


Even with that being the case, I think the cables work pretty well. I am really enjoying this knit. I think it’s going pretty quickly so far, and I hope to keep that momentum up.

We were supposed to leave on vacation next week, traveling to Boston area to visit Mr. Ink’s brother and sister in law. Unfortunately, Mr. Ink’s sister in law is currently in KCMO with her ailing mother, so the trip is off. We will rebook it at a time that everyone can enjoy a visit. But, I got a call from sister in law saying she’d like to come to visit for a brief time this weekend to take a break from caretaking. So, that’s happening, and we are all quite thrilled. A little unexpected excitement this weekend, and a little unexpected downtime next week. (Which I could really use since work is nutty right now.)

That’s about it from my little corner of the world! How’s it going in yours?

3 thoughts on “New Project

  1. The scarf is lovely! Sorry your trip is postponed, though. Remember when you do come that if you can head north, I am willing to head south for a real life get together!

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