And a Finished Object

Look at this! It’s the featherweight cardi all done!


In true to me fashion, I wanted 3/4 length sleeves so I knit them that way. And then when I blocked the thing, it turns out they were full-length sleeves. So, I’ve got that going for me! I am pretty pleased to have yet another sweater finish under my belt this year.

In other news, our neighbors out back sold their home. Mr. Ink has been wishing to do something about all their junk trees around the edges of their yard, it drives him crazy. They did not keep a tidy yard though their home was lovely. Mr. In being precisely the opposite was always annoyed. Anyhow, old neighbors moved out Thursday, so he thought he’d stealthily take to cutting branches out of the junk trees, specifically the ones which were hanging over into our yard.


He was stealthy, but his activity was cut short when he noticed that the new owners had shown up. Now I guess he just gets to hope that the new owners feel strongly about trees like he does. I won’t hold my breath! He did get a couple of the offending branches out, so there’s that.

Today we head to the local furniture store to get a mattress for the guest room. I gave the guest room mattress to Miss Butterfly when she got her loft bed. We didn’t do anything about it because we so rarely have overnight company. But we’ve got overnight company tonight! Other than that though, it’ll be hanging out with Lizzie and cleaning the house and crafting today, and I am up early and quite excited about it.