Mid August Empties

We’ve been using up products like crazy around here, and the stash of empties was getting so large that I feared I’d have to split the empties post into two parts. This is mostly because we get subscription bags, which means quite a lot of sample sizes. Since those are easy to go through, they’ve really accumulated this month. And because we  have company staying in the room where I keep my empties, I decided to just get an empties post up and get rid of these items.


Let’s work left to right, top to bottom as usual.

Ulta sent, with Miss Butterfly’s birthday palette, a sample size of Herbal Essences coconut conditioner, which she just finished up. I think she liked it quite well, though she hasn’t asked me to purchase a full size for her.

Miss Butterfly received a bunch of the studio 35 beauty nail polish remover wipes. Since we are project polishing, we ended up using these. They are non acetone, and work fantastically well, until they don’t. It’s such an odd experience. One wipe will remove all the nail polish on one hand. But the amount of time the wipe is exposed to air seems to be what makes it less effective. At first that nail polish disappears immediately, but by the last two fingers it’s taking real effort. And then another wipe needed to be used for the next hand. So, not our favorites really.

Below that I’ve got two hand creams. The first is Cake and it smelled like vanilla cake. I got this in a subscription box. The bottle it came in is terrible to use up, the product does not come out easily and it feels like such a waste. The product itself is nice enough, but I would not repurchase. The second hand cream is Mary Kay and it’s been hanging around for about 2 years now. I figured I’d focus on it and get it used up as there are plenty of hand creams I like better.

I have a lot of deva curl products from the time frame I was trying to get my longer hair to curl up again. I am over that now, I will work with what I’ve got. But, I still need to use up those products. Thing is, these type of products are meant for keeping curls moisturized and locked in place, so it works pretty well to keep frizz at bay in straight hair with a fair amount of texture too. So, I was able to use this in my hair with good results. That’s good, because I’ve got a couple more of this type of thing floating around.

Never in my life have I used up an entire lip pencil until now! But now I have, and I feel confident I will use more. More Ulta brand? Maybe, maybe not. I liked it well enough but there are lots of other brands to try.

Then there are three products from a subscription box. The Josie Maron whipped argon oil face butter was wonderful! I really loved this product. It’s high on the list of moisturizers I would happily repurchase and use in the future. I just have enough in my stash now to keep me going.

Below that is the Caudalie essence. I used it up, but I am not sure it really did anything spectacular for me.

Then there’s answer from black volume gold radiance cream. This product was such a hard pass from me. A moisturizer that was gel-like in texture and advertised as not sticky but was so sticky it was unpleasant to use. Just not a thing I ever really want to have to use again. I see it as a repeat item in one of my subscription boxes and I really hope once was enough for me.

And that’s it, half my beauty empties for this month, and in about a week you’ll get to see the rest if you like.

2 thoughts on “Mid August Empties

  1. I love the nail polish remover review, You are right on target I think with the longer it stays out in the open, the less effective it is. I have a friend who is selling Mary kay . To be nice I’ve ordered their lipstick and I do like it. Im using eye liner from Maybelline on my top lids only now. Al suggested it when I told her I should change up my look.
    Also I have to embrace stuff with spf in it. I had a spot removed from my FACe last week at the derm. He commented that my arms have a lot of SUN damage. Fair enough. I rarely put on sunscreen unless I’m out in the middle of the day in the sun. I just hate the feel of it. So I cover up. And i try to go out after 3. Sigh, this does not work at the barn though.

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