Shopping the Stash for the Week

It’s a short week for me, and it’s the last week of my summer project pan. So I fear that this stash shopping is becoming quite repetitive. With vacation the last half of the week, I suspect I won’t even wear a ton of makeup. But, Miss Butterfly has been begging me to use her chocolate gold palette for a week. I keep not doing so because I don’t want to use up something that is exclusively hers. I mean, you don’t really have the resources, at 14, to just go out and purchase whatever you want. Her argument is that she regularly uses my makeup, so why wouldn’t hers be up for grabs as well?

I am choosing her chocolate gold palette this week because it’s a short week and because I think I can pair the shimmers in it with the quad I am desperately trying to finish panning this month. I can use other crease and transition shades, leaving the ones that come with chocolate gold to Miss Butterfly. Then I can just use shimmer shades in the palette which tend to last longer anyhow to create looks for the week. I think it’ll work.


For primers-I’ve got the becca undereye primer, the mac primer I am trying to use up for the face, and wet n wild’s photofocus eye primer for my lids. Since I added and then took out this product from my summer project pan I wanted to at least know how far I got with it this summer. I’ve been using it very rarely but Miss Butterfly uses it regularly.

Below the palette is two eyeliners, one leaning green/brown that I am trying to pan and the other a charcoal color for looks that require a cooler tone. Below that is a nyx brow pencil I’ve been using. It’s a bit warm toned for me, so I am using it to outline my brows and then filling in my brows with eyeshadow. More on that later in the week. Below that is wander beauty mascara I got in a subscription box. I like this mascara but it does take some time to build up. No instant results like marc jacobs or lash paradise. But no flaking like those two either.

Urban Decay all nighter is still in my rotation. But on days I don’t really want something that heavy (remember, vacation time!) I pulled out bare minerals. Then we’ve got the wet n wild contour palette I am working on finishing up along with my makeup revolution blush I am trying to hit pan on.

That’s it for this week. If I were to predict the shimmers I want to try this week, I’ll choose only 3 for the 3 days I work this week. I really want to try that bright pink shade, the green shade calls to me, and then I want to get some use out of the gold shade. Trying anything else will be a bonus. I guess I should have pulled out some glitter glue for this week, I’ll do that as soon as I am done here.

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