I am making tons of progress on my cabled scarf, in fact I am now knitting in the final ball of yarn. It’s not going to be quite as long as I had hoped, but I think with a good blocking it’ll be long enough to be scarf like.


It’s been an entirely enjoyable knit. The yarn is reasonably nice, and definitely nicely colored. I had one set back when I realized one of the balls of yarn was certainly a different dye lot than the others, so I ripped back and alternated rows. That seems to have cleared up the issue entirely. Now it’s just knit until I finish.

I am hoping to have another knitted finished object as well, my scottish stripes scarf from ages ago is nearing a finish. Since I am on vacation starting Thursday I intend to complete that project too.

Our visit with sister in law was lovely, too quick but quite lovely. The morning of the day she arrived, Mr. Ink and I headed out to purchase a mattress for the daybed, as I’d given the daybed mattress to Miss Butterfly when she got her loft bed. On our way home we drove by the new neighbor’s house, and they were out. So, Mr. Ink slowed down and I introduced myself. Turns out, new neighbor guy has been in landscaping for the past 20 years. I said “Mr. Ink is thrilled to hear this! You’ll have to take a look over the fence to see why.” New neighbor quickly retorts “How could I? You can’t see ANYTHING back there through the volunteer trees!” This bodes well for Mr. Ink. Who is, technically, still his skeptical self. “What if he’s one of those BAD landscapers?” he asked me. I said “Who cares? It’ll still be an improvement over what is currently going on!”

Indeed, as I sat out on the patio with sister in law during her visit, we heard the chicken coop coming down in the neighbors back yard, and then the chainsaw and some of the most egregious volunteer trees right in the middle of the yard coming down. The fence line hasn’t been tackled yet, but this is not surprising since they are also redoing the inside of the house right now. One thing I can say, this is a couple that is highly motivated, which, again, is a vast improvement over the half finished projects and started hobbies that were then left to die in the backyard from previous neighbors.

Speaking of highly motivated, Mr. Ink is still at it in the yard. After losing like 10 trees this year due to insane and awful spring weather, Mr. Ink is preparing to put new trees in this fall. Sometimes Lizzie helps.


Check out this cute helper!

That’s it for today! I’ll have another post up tomorrow, one in which Miss Butterfly chooses my makeup for the day. It was…..interesting.

5 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Your scarf looks great! I always seem to end up with scarves that are too short, but now I think my current one might be too long🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. The scarf is pretty! Glad you think it will block long enough. Looking forward to Scottish Landscapes as well. I have trouble making scarves long enough cuz I get bored. I think I have solved that by knitting them the other way! Now I just have to make them wide enough!

    Wonderful news on the neighbor, but laughing at the “bad landscaper”! If he is bad, don’t take the fence down! Sounds like the volunteer trees will be gone anyway!

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