My Teen Picks my Makeup

Miss Butterfly sat at my desk Monday morning and said “Mom, I really want to pick your makeup for a day!” I told her I thought she could do that no problem. But that she had to remember that she was pulling it for a work day so she couldn’t go too crazy.

Now, in reality, I think one of the reasons she wanted to choose for me is that I am always so focused on using up certain products that she thinks I should sometimes spend time with other products. As she tells me, I should spend time with products I LIKE. I retort that I like most of my products. I just also choose to concentrate on one at a time for the most part.

Anyhow, she chose my products and we got a photo. Then she ended up changing out the eyeshadow choice, but it was already dark and another photo could not be taken. BTW, she really wanted to be IN the photo, so she staged it and then got in the picture.


As you can see, she wanted to go BRIGHT with the eyeshadow. Her insistence was that I use blue. I MUST use blue. And I had to use some of the Laura Lee party animal palette, the super brights. Then, after watching me struggle last evening, trying to plan my look, she decided she didn’t like anything I was coming up with. I’d been swatching on the back of my hand, putting colors together between the Alamar and the LL palette. She saw that I was leaning away from using a blue matte from LL palette. And then she decided to change it up. She told me that I could substitute chocolate gold for the alamar palette, but I HAD to use a blue matte from the LL palette.

Here’s a quick photo of chocolate gold for reference.


What I ended up doing was using the matte browns from Chocolate Gold, then I used the light blue matte from the LL palette in my crease and outer corner. Then I took the yellow gold shade from chocolate gold and popped that on my lid. I finished up with a more muted metallic from chocolate gold in my inner corner to draw everything together, and ended up with a look I could live with, even at work. Though I really did think “I should be going to a disco maybe?” I also chose to wear glasses today, so that I was a little hidden. It’s highly unusual for me to truly feel like I can’t rock a particular bright eye look, but man, this was a serious stretch. On the other hand, with hooded eyes, that blue matte isn’t all that noticeable.

Here’s what else she chose:

-Tarte poreless primer-I love it but rarely use it, so she thought I should.
-Nars eyeshadow primer-I got it in a subscription box and hadn’t tried it yet, so she thought I should.
-Too Faced natural eyes blush and bronzer-she doesn’t see me wearing it much yet, even though I regularly do. Also, she thought the subtle blush would work well with bright colored eyes.
-Laura Mercier translucent powder-I am so busy panning the clinique powder that I never touch this one anymore. She wanted a change.
-Wet n Wild photofocus foundation-she knows every time I use it I LOVE how my skin looks, and she’s tired of seeing me in the UD all nighter.
-Wet n Wild highlighter-this is a highlighter she purchased but doesn’t like on her skin. She thinks I should pan it, but I don’t want to. She’s forcing me to use it here, in hopes I’ll change my mind.
-Hoola Bronzer-I use this more as a contour and she decided I should take a break from the wet n wild one I am trying to pan.
-Wet n wild avenging amethyst mascara-She wanted me to wear purple mascara but relented the next morning when she decided it didn’t actually work with my eye look. Instead, I wore regular mascara from wander beauty.
-Maybelline age rewind concealer-I tend to switch up my concealers regularly at this point, but this one is my favorite so she chose it for me.
-L’Oreal Silkissime black liner-I am so busy panning a brown liner I rarely remember to use a black, and she thought this look called for it. She was right, smudged out over the blue on the lower lash line it was a perfect choice.
-Chella eyebrow pomade-I’ve been really trying to use some eyeshadow in my brows (more on that Thursday) and she decided instead I should be using a proper brow product.
-And for lip products she chose my new makeup forever lipstick from a subscription box paired with maybelline liner of some sort, and buxom gloss over top.

All in all, the look works well enough for me. It has the added advantage of incorporating the yellow gold color of the too faced chocolate gold palette I planned on trying this week anyhow. I would not have chosen to pair it with blue, but that’s ok. She chose to pull me way out of my comfort zone, and I think that’s funny because she is not one to go for a bright look herself. But she wants to put that bright look on me.


3 thoughts on “My Teen Picks my Makeup

  1. Wow I think you’ve used more makeup in this one day than I have owned in my entire life. Can I borrow your daughter to choose something for me as I am clueless!

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