Pan That Palette

It’s time to play Pan That Palette.

clinique palette

I purchased this palette on deep discount after the 2017 holiday season. It was my first palette purchase ever, and I had not even remotely gotten into makeup yet. I thought it was pretty, and it was on sale, and my daughter liked makeup. So I bought it.

8 months later I have multiple beautiful eyeshadow palettes which perform so much better than this one. This one doesn’t even perform as well as the nice little Clinique eyeshadow duos I used to get as gifts for purchasing skincare in my younger years.

We have gotten some gentle use out of it though, and then some far more serious use in one shade that Miss Butterfly has decided is her perfect eyebrow color. She has hit pan using it to fill in her eyebrows. Here’s how it looks now:


It is our plan now to pan a number of these shades and once that is done, we’ll feel as if we’ve gotten our use out of it. This is a long-term plan, but we do want to make significant progress as we go along. Working left to right, top to bottom, I’ll give you a brief overview of the shades and how we plan to use them.

Column 1: a pink and a white sparkly eyeshadow. Both of these are too intensely sparkly to use as an inner corner and brow bone highlight. My plan is to use both of these as an actual highlighter on the cheekbones as they don’t perform well on the eyelids either.

Column 2: The top color is a decent shimmer in a brown tone. Below that is a darker brown, and I can try to use that in my eyebrows, even if it is a bit on the intense side color wise.

Column 3: The top color is a color I use in my eyebrows with pretty good results so far. Looks a bit intense when I first apply it but by the time I get to work it fades out into an appropriate eyebrow color for me. Below that is another tan shimmer, not nearly as intense as the shimmer in the column before it.

Column 4: Top shade is one I will not touch as Miss Butterfly has already hit pan on it using it as an eyebrow shade. She says it leans toward purple but she can work with that. Below that is a nice burgundy shade, one of the shades I appreciate best. It’s got some shimmer but that is barely noticeable and it looks pretty good in the crease.

Column 5: These two shadows pair well together. There’s a matte grey on top that works as a transition shade, and then a slate blue toned shimmer that I can get away with in the crease. I suspect this is the combo that I’ll be concentrating on most for eyeshadow itself initially. I can pair these two with more intense shimmers elsewhere in my collection making these two shades very wearable.

Column 6: At the top, another color that I may be able to use in my eyebrows. Below it is a color I haven’t experimented with much yet, so I’ll see how that can be used.

Column 7: At the top is another color I suspect Miss Butterfly may be able to use in her eyebrows, we’ll have to wait for her opinion on that one. I won’t touch it until she tells me if it works for her or not. Then below it is what I would have hoped could be an all over lid color for setting the base but it’s way too shimmery for that. I am hoping to be able to use it as an inner corner and browbone highlight, but it is VERY subtle for such a use. It may be one shade that’s a complete throwaway shade.

So, I need to start this Pan That Palette by using it for a week for eyeshadow and then just plain using it regularly for a highlighter and eyebrow color. I’ll try to keep it in a pretty regular rotation, using it during the week and commit to wearing it at least once a week when it’s not in my shop my stash for the week. In the upcoming month, I am hoping to see Miss Butterfly expand her pan on her eyebrow color and I want to see a significant dip in the pink highlighter shade.

5 thoughts on “Pan That Palette

    • Yes! I like a frost or a metallic. The mattes are lovely but chip fast, and I always get hair patterns in them from going to bed after I paint them. Probably not noticeable to the general public, but I notice!

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