A Finished Thing

Yep, that Soda Water scarf is complete. It was a great knit, I really enjoyed it. Do I wish I had enough yarn to have made a longer more dramatic scarf? Absolutely. But, it’s a serviceable length and the knitting of it was fun. I completely used up that yarn and it’s out of my stash. All good things.

Mr. Ink and I are on vacation. Miss Butterfly is in school. It’s awfully quiet around here. The 10-day forecast is basically a 50% chance of rain 100% of the time. It’s currently raining. I took those photos in the rain. It always rains when Mr. Ink takes time off work to dig.

My main goal for this week is to get rid of the stress twitch in my eyelid muscle from work-related stress. Once I go back, that twitch is likely to stick around until November so I really want to get some relief this week. I woke up early this morning because I was having work-related stress dreams so we aren’t there yet!

My other goal for this week off is to get a few project pan related posts up on the blog. And the final goal is to finish Scottish Stripes which I am really doing well working toward.

I should also add goals like cleaning and so on, but I am not going to add them. When I feel inspired, I’ll do some of that. This vacation isn’t for that. And that’s all from me, have a fantastic weekend my friends!