2018 Project Pan Summer Finale

After 3 months of working hard at panning various items in my beauty stash, I have decided that longer projects are absolutely the way to go. It is a lot easier to see significant progress if I am patient enough to wait out an entire 3 months. In fact, there were items I took out of my summer project at the first update time which actually got finished without me even trying. So, let’s get right into it.

Original photo:


I pulled that pureology item out at the last minute, but everything in this photo is gone. (To be fair, the old Miss Dior perfume I ended up tossing.) Because I easily finished all of these, I threw in a trader joe’s cleanser I had found during a declutter and reorganization of our bathroom, which I will show in the final photos. Steady progress was made, but it’ll be another few months before I am able to finish that up.

Original photo:


This was my Lush section of my project. While I ended up tossing the Elbow grease and the sample size of the hair moisturizer, I easily finished the shampoo bar and the serum bar. All that is left is the Hair Custard, and I did make progress on it. I used up 16 grams, and it looks to be about half of what I started with.

Original Photo:


This is a section of items I did not manage to finish completely, but each of them have good progress.

The clinique powder was used consistently by both Miss Butterfly and me. We are still a long way from being done, but we are glad we worked on it. 9 grams was used.

The Dandelion Twinkle highlighter got major pan. MAJOR. In fact, I quit using this last month because Miss Butterfly loves it and I didn’t want to use it up when it isn’t my personal favorite. We did depot it though and added it to a magnetic palette, so the progress photo you’ll see below shows a pan with no box around it.

The makeup revolution blush was used very consistently, but like most blushes, while I can see a decent dip, no pan was hit. This is probably for two reasons. The first being that it’s a HUGE pan of blush. I also took about 3 weeks break from it when Miss Butterfly took it on vacation but didn’t use it much. And, I got enough new blushes in various subscription boxes that I tended to use those more than this.

Check out that contour palette with absolutely no pan! The pan now is MASSIVE. On both sides. I did work really hard on it, but it’s also a pretty powdery product. I bought this one on sale, and so I have really gotten an amazing amount of product for my money.

The Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation, when I started this project I hated this product. I can’t say I like it much now, but I’ve made peace with it. In the grand scheme of things, our time together will be brief. I am determined to use this up and get my money’s worth, even if I don’t love the product. For the progress photo, remember that the product moves upward, so I am making significant progress. I just really hoped to be done by now. Miss Butterfly has joked that she’s going to sneak it out of the beauty room and pump some in the garbage from time to time. But she also knows this is a challenge at this point, and I don’t want it to beat me.

And finally, the makeup forever skin perfector. It’s too dark on me, so I generally use it if I am going out in the sun as a sunscreen. However, that’s not been all that often lately. I am still not done with it, though there is less in it than when I began.

Old photo:


Every single thing in this photo is used up except for the tiny travel size of the porefessional, which I decided to remove from the project in order to save it for travel. I had even pulled out the kiehls cream because I didn’t think I could finish it. 3 months is time enough to finish even that sample size, and so it is gone.

Old photo:

img_6831What is gone? The mascaras are gone the UD primer is gone, the elf  eyebrow pencil traveled and is hopefully getting use elsewhere, and may already be gone because there wasn’t much left.

The photofocus eyeshadow primer has gotten quite a bit of use. We used 2 grams which is quite a bit for an eye primer, and I didn’t even concentrate on it too much.

Now let’s discuss the wet n wild palette. I didn’t use it too much in these 3 months, maybe once a week, until these past two weeks when I decided I wanted to see just how far I could get in the last two weeks of my project. The transition shade is completely gone. I used the dark shade as a crease shade (which is what it is advertised as, even though it has a bit of sparkle). I used the lightest color as an innner corner and brow highlighter, and I managed to hit pan! Then I used the midrange shade that is supposed to be an eyelid shade as a highlighter on my face, hitting pan on that too! I swore I’d throw this quad out after I used up the transition shade, but now I don’t think I will. I rather like the lightest shade, it may be one of my favorite highlighters for the inner corner, and so it’s a great one to pull out when I am using a palette that doesn’t have one built in. Using the other pan as a face highlighter works really well too, so I just think I am not ready for my time with this extremely inexpensive quad to end. Have I already gotten my money’s worth? Absolutely. But, there’s more product I like. So I think I’ll keep after this one, even though it will no longer be part of my next project pan.

I’ll show off the style sepia liner progress below. However, toward the end of this project I realized that if I want to get a decent color payoff without hurting my eyelids, I have to sharpen this right before I use it. Even if I just sharpen the tiniest bit, that helps. So progress on this product should be faster if I try to pan it in the future.

Original photo:


I managed to use up the mary kay lip mask. I used it almost every single day. It is not a favorite of mine, it’s just not rough enough. I did not manage to finish up the lip balm, but I did make some progress. It’s just that I have a lot of lip balms I like much better than this one, so it’s hard to keep working on it. It makes my lips slidey, but I don’t think it has any healing properties. I did manage to use a gram.

I finished the clinique chubby stick by update 1 I think, and added in a sample size of buxom lip gloss. I used that lip gloss until the stopper needed to come out. But then? I couldn’t get the stopper out and so I just threw it in my empties. It almost seemed like that particular product didn’t have a removable stopper. But I don’t know that for certain.

I have worked very hard on the maybelline mate nude lipstick. I discovered early on that while it feels pretty good on the lips, it doesn’t really provide the coverage I like a lipstick to have. So, I end up filling in my lips with a liner and applying it on top.

Now that we’ve discussed progress, here are the photos of my finish on this project.

And here’s a quick photo of the style sepia liner and maybelline lipstick progress:


So, all in all, I tossed 3 items, used up 23 items, and made significant progress on almost all of the rest. Not too shabby at all!

I plan to change up my project pan again for the next 4 months, so stay tuned for that. I decided to skip a stash shop post for this week since it’s a short work week with us being on vacation. I’ll just use whatever floats my boat this week and do a stash shop for next week. I am pretty excited to keep up with the product use up though, I am really enjoying the idea of concentrating on certain items and watching progress be made.

That’s it from here, another successful project pan clocking in at 3 months long. Next up, extending that time frame even further. Thanks for reading!