Rolling 10 Pan

So, I’ve now done a 1 month project pan which I learned quite a lot from. Then I did a 3 month long summer project pan which I learned even more from. One of the things I’ve learned is that it’s really overwhelming to attempt to keep up on all of those products for 3 months.

That brings us to today, where I decide that I am going to do a rolling project 10 pan for the rest of the year. That means that at any given time, I am only working on those 10 products (and my pan that palette) and rolling new ones in when old ones finish up. Only 10 items to keep track of and only 10 items plus the ones rolling in to blog about. It is also my intention to not add so many sample sizes to my project. Especially if it’s skincare related. I can’t promise this will always be the case, but I will try to avoid it.

One more goal I am setting for myself is to pull all 10 products from different categories. For instance, I am using my clinique palette for my pan that palette. The clinique palette, at the moment, covers highlighter and eyebrow product in addition to eyeshadow. So, I am not going to try to pan highlighter and eyebrow products until I’ve finished using up what I can from the Clinique palette.

Here are the 20 categories I will be working with during this 10 pan, with the 10 items I plan to begin with listed under the appropriate category. I’ll also list the goal if the goal is not to finish it completely.

  1.  Haircare
    1. Diva Curl Shampoo 
  2. Cleanser
    1. Trader Joe’s 
  3. Moisturizer
  4. Toner/mask/exfoliant/serum
  5. Bodycare
  6. Primers
  7. Foundations
    1. Urban Decay All Nighter
  8. Concealers
    1. Maybelline age rewind
  9. Powders
  10. Highlighters
  11. Bronzer/Contour
    1. Wet n Wild contour palette (Doubles as powder, so I won’t choose a powder this round)
  12. Blush
  13. Lipstick
    1. Maybelline nude matte lipstick
  14. Lip balm/lip product
  15. Perfume
    1. Gucci Eau de parfum II (Get halfway through this product)
  16. Eyebrow products
  17. Eyeliners
    1. Jonteblu charcoal colored eyeliner
  18. Eyeshadow singles
  19. Eyeshadow Palettes
    1. Nyx Happy Birthday Palette (Pan just one color.)
  20. Miscellaneous items
    1. Becca Undereye Primer
  21. Setting spray

As I roll products out, I’ll roll new ones in, and I won’t stick to any one category, but I also will not have more than one product from each category going at a time.

Now for the photos. I have indicated my progress on each item when that makes sense.



The eyeshadow I am trying to pan on this Nyx palette is the bottom left one. It’s a matte color and works to set eyeshadow primer. I do not have anything in the Clinique palette that works equivalently, so adding this into the project still works for the rule of not doubling up on categories.

And that’s it for the intro to my rolling 10 pan for the remainder of the year. I am really excited about concentrating on products rather than spreading my goals so thin.


3 thoughts on “Rolling 10 Pan

  1. I’m doing a 200 project pan for the year and currently at 98. I just have so much deluxe sizes laying around and half empty products. It is really motivating me to use up items in my extensive collection. Next year, Ill be doing 19 in 2019 on full size items in my collection. I love project pans. There are so much value in them.

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