A Home for Harriet

A few months ago, Mr. Ink and I decided that it was time for a second dog. With Lizzie being in our home almost a year and very comfortable, we were ready. But we decided to wait until after labor day weekend since we had been planning to be away that weekend. No sense bringing in a new dog and then trying to board her right away, disrupting her new home and routine.

We spent a lot of time discussing what our requirements were this time around. A dog that was younger than Lizzie but not a puppy. A dog with short hair and stick up ears. A dog that was 30 pounds or less. A dog which Mr. Ink could name.

When it was determined that we would not be able to travel after all, we realized that we could begin looking for our next dog. Our first stop was to look at the same rescue where we got Lizzie. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any dogs that suited our needs. There was a gorgeous girl on the site, but when I pointed her out to Mr. Ink he told me no.

So we then began looking at other rescues. We found a couple of dogs we loved at one rescue, and I filled out an application. I was promptly told that they don’t let people without fenced yards adopt. I learned my lesson. We checked another rescue. We found a dog that would have been perfect. I emailed to ask about fenced yards, and when they said we could adopt, I filled out an application. Our application was approved, but the dog we loved was a “foster fail.” The foster family decided to keep her. We chose another dog, only to find out she was already adopted as well. Turns out she went to a family who had a dog from Lizzie’s rescue. We picked out one more, but that one too had been adopted. The new rescue then suggested one of their dogs that was about 30 pounds bigger than we’d agreed to, so we had to say no to that. We decided to wait.

While we waited, we went back to Lizzie’s rescue again. I pointed out the pretty dog I originally liked, she had gotten new photos recently. Mr. Ink said “This is a good looking dog, why aren’t we looking at her?” And so we filled out another adoption application, and soon got an email that we were approved to meet Harriet.

Harriet had been in rescue for a couple months. She’d been found abandoned with a couple of siblings and her mother. She’d had eye surgery to correct a problem with her eyelashes turning inward. She’d had another family try to adopt her, but one of the resident dogs refused to accept her and the foster family feared for her safety. So back with the foster family she went.

Then we met her. And we were smitten. We met her right before we left for an overnight to kansas city, then had to wait until our return to have her meet Lizzie. But it went reasonably well! We were able to provide the home for Harriet.

She doesn’t meet up with what we’d expected to get. She doesn’t have stick up ears, she’s 37 pounds, and she’s a puppy, only 9 months old. But she’s got short hair at least! And Mr. Ink renamed her Rose.


Meet Rose, our Harrier hound.


Miss Butterfly thinks she’s fantastic.


Our home is now strewn with dog toys and the sound of training is constant.


We go on lots of cooperative walks where Lizzie gives Rose a bit more confidence.


And then Lizzie naps when she’s sick of all the commotion.


And sometimes they hang out near each other. At least we have a dog that uses the dog beds now!


Most of all, we’ve got this cute face staring at us and filling us with even more joy. Another rescue, and more full hearts in this home.

It’s been a long long day, and I got almost no knitting done, but we’ve been well occupied even so.


6 thoughts on “A Home for Harriet

  1. Im thrilled and i am also shocked. BUt it makes perfect sense. You are in the no travel zone so go ahead! I always wanted two dogs. Rose is a lovely name for her. Keep up with the photos please

    • Yes, that’s exactly right. It probably happens more often than not The fact that she was still in the rescue, after missing out on 5 other rescues, makes me think she was supposed to be ours anyhow. Thank you! We think they are wonderful!

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